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Monday, August 27, 2018

Six sex topics to discuss with a new partner

A new relationship might come with all the butterflies, and I want you forever text that it’s easy to ignore the important aspects especially if you are going to be warming each other’s bed soon! There are questions concerning sex you need to ask your new partner to allow a smooth sail of sex when the time finally comes. Here are some starting tips, you can think up others as you get answers to your questions.

Sexual history
It is important to know the sexual history of your partner. Is he/ she straight? Is he/she bisexual? Is he/she gay? Have they ever had unprotected sex? How often do they get tested for STIs? Have they ever contracted an sexually transmitted infections? Was it a bacterial or viral infection? Of course, you shouldn’t ask the questions in quick succession but endeavor to ask them to stay safe.
Some people won’t tell say anything till you ask, so don’t wait for them to tell you. It is also important you both go for testing and treatment to start the relationship on a new foot without fear of infection.

Sex time
While some people want to have sex every minute of the day, others have a preferred time to get intimate. It is necessary to discuss with your new partner about this and get them to tell you their preferred time. This will save you the embarrassment and frustrations of trying to get someone in bed when they don’t feel like having sex. Moreover, if you both have conflicting times, you can easily compromise to make it work.

Sexual secrets
Does your partner have any secret he or she wants to share with you? Was he/she raped or sexually molested while growing up or recently. It is essential to know the sexual secrets of your partner to know if they need help or special attention during sex.

Sexual health
Is your new partner diabetic and having a problem sustaining an erection? Find out the sexual health problems your partner may have by simply asking. It could be a sexual dysfunction or vaginismus which causes vagina tightness and muscle spasm. It can also be that she always experience painful sex or he has a painful erection. Find out about these problems and ensure they go for treatment to avoid hitches during the relationship.

Sexual Desires
People have different sexual desires and preferences. It is important to know that of your new partner. Does he like the nine shades of grey submission and bondage or is he contented with a vagina and oral sex? Does she have a high libido and cannot be satisfied by one round of sex? You’ll need to clarify these things before you begin the new relationship.

Precautionary methods
We are talking about condoms and contraceptives if you are not ready to have babies immediately you hit the sheets. Know what form of contraceptive your partner prefers. Is it the hormonal contraceptive, withdrawal method or plain old condom. Know about his or her preferences to plan and avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Therapy And Low Libido

Low libido is a sexual disorder in male and female. A woman suffering from low libido suffers from low stress drive, in the sense that they are always not excited by it because they find it disinteresting.  Low sex libido in women most times is due to two major issues, it is either due to the psychological effect of the woman or probably due to health reasons.

Some women actually come to feel fear, guilt, resentment, and disgust. They cannot even bear to know why sex is important; they look for every reason to avoid any talk on it. This may be due to past occurrence which may unknowingly to the patient have affected her psyche due to her perception of it.

Low sexual libido in a nutshell is having a low sex drive. There are numerous reasons why some persons suffer from this ailment, and the major one is stress. A woman that stresses herself everyday with one activities or the other during the day may find it stressful to engage in sexual activities at night with her partner. If she is also suffering from mental stress maybe due to the events happening around her.  Stress is an important factor because it decreases the important sex hormones estrogen.
Estrogen though is cured most times with pills, spray and sometimes gel for those who may have gotten to menopause stage, that is, if they already know it is the cause of their low libidos, but in other cases a therapist is the perfect answer for it.

The medical part most times is low testosterone level, type 2 diabetes and sometimes depression which should be cured by medications if need be before going through therapeutic session. Aside stress, poor dieting also lowers the libido most especially in women, low carbohydrate, low fats in diets affects the hormones that enhance the libido. Another thing that affects libido is hypothyroidism, because it prevents the reproductive organs from carrying out their functions in the body properly.

Although medications to some extent cure this ailment but visiting a therapist still remains the best solution in this aspect. The major role the therapist play in this case is not to administer drugs but to work on your psyche. The reason being that most of the causes of these low libido effect may actually be initiated by the individual maybe due to some circumstances she is powerless over. The therapist will always look for the emotional part of your situation because sex itself brings emotion to the forefront. In curing this ailment, the therapist most often listen to the happenings in your sex life and advices you on how to go about it. A therapist is supposed to bring your sex drive back to gear.
It is very advisable for women with low libido to seek the help of a therapist, because they are trained to help work through the problem with you. After going through therapeutic sessions and the emotional blockade have been dealt with, the couple is then advised to engage in some behavioral exercises that have been planned by the therapist which on most occasions are designed to remove fear and increases sensual awareness towards herself.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Five ways women can increase their libido

We often talk about men and low libido problems probably because we believe men are to be the ones saddled with the responsibility of satisfying women, but it doesn't always have to be the case. 
Most women are guilty of this lack of sexual desire and often find that they have to force themselves to enjoy sex with their partners. They do not even have sexual thoughts or desires when they are alone and this lack of sexual desire could cause a strain to their relationship. If you are going through this or you've always experience a lack of sexual desire, these tips could help boost the libido and make your partner look more appealing than before:

Eat chocolates
You may not be a fan of junks, but you will want to try this out because it works. Chocolate bars, cookies, cakes, contain properties which serve as aphrodisiac. Just licking a chocolate can put in a high mood and make you want to be in the same bed with your partner. 
Try eating chocolate bars with your partner while on bed to see the effect. 

Another way to boost your libido is through exercising. Exercising helps in lifting your mood and also stimulates your vagina. Sine women get wet while skipping, jogging or even horse ridding. Your clitoris is stimulated while exercising and having it stimulated regularly can increase sexual appetite.

Stress management 
Stress could be the main cause of your recent low drive. Are you going through some kind of trauma, is it difficult to pay the bills? Or is the workload at work increasing by the minute?  Whatever the case may be, you will need to find ways to effectively manage stress and ensure they are not taking a toll on your sex life. You could find identify these stresses and know those that have an immediate solution and those you will need to manage till a solution comes.  Hanging out after work or going for vacation could help to relieve you. 

Keep the communication lines open with your partner
Talk to your partner concerning any issue that is weighing you down. Is it something he did that you cannot get over? Talk to him rather than bearing grudges or feeling irritated. Your relationship should be worth more than your ego.  You could also open up if you are having problems being sexually satisfied. Bottling unborn managing the situation could lead to lower libido levels. If your partner hardly begins sex with foreplay and you do not like it, talk to him about and make him change his bedroom manners.

Make sex count
Sex is not an about doggy or missionary position and it doesn't have to always take place in the bed. There are different sexual positions and locations you can always try out to keep the romance and attractiveness alive. Rather than hitting the sheets, try out standing positions at the corner of the kitchen, the balcony or even the garage. There are various standing positions you could easily try out which will make you screen in ecstasy.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Erotic Games for Extra Fun

Any purveyor of sex tips will soon learn one basic fact: often couples need to forget they're adults and add a little fun and whimsy to their sexual escapades. Erotic games are one of the most enjoyable ways of doing this.

Sex tips recommend a variety.
Many sex tips emphasize variety as the key to keeping a sexual relationship moving forward, but that doesn't mean a couple has to wait until they are feeling a bit bored with their routine to mix it up. Playing erotic games at any stage of a relationship can generate excitement and bonding.

But what kind of games might one choose? There is any number of options, including:
- 21 strokes. This is playing the game of poker known as 21 or Blackjack. Players are each dealt two cards and may then ask for more cards if they want. The purpose is to achieve 21 points or gets as close to it without getting more than 21. In this variation, each player gets his penis stroked or her vagina rubbed by the other partner; the number of strokes depends on the cards they get. So if the man gets 20 and the woman gets 21, the woman strokes his penis 20 times, and he stimulate her clitoris 21 times. This can be an exceptional game to start and guide foreplay. (Another variation - rather than stroking, the players lick or otherwise orally gratify their partner's organ.)

- Nude charades. There are many ways to play nude charades, but this is a good one to try. Some classifications are decided upon. As each class is called, then players use their partner's body to represent an object in the class. For example, if the class is "Fruits," the lady might take the male's penis in her hands and mime be peeling it like a banana. The male, in turn, might fondle the woman's breasts in such a way it will look like apples.

- 20 distracted questions. A change on the familiar guessing game, the lady, picks a noun that falls into the category of being either animal, mineral or vegetable. The man then asks yes-or-no questions to ascertain what it is. The variation here is that the entire time that the male is asking questions, his penis is being fondled and orally pleasured by the woman. The goal is to see if he can guess the answer before he ejaculates. Manual and oral stimulation can be given to the woman as she takes her round as the asker.

- I spy passionately. In a game of "I Spy," one player chooses out an object (perhaps one that is green) and says "I spy something green." The other players will have to guess what that something is. The rules are same here, but in this version, the partner who is guessing has to overcome a little distraction: having a vibrator gently run across his or her genitals. As with the other guessing game, the goal is to make a correct guess before being sent over the edge of orgasm.
As it’s probably clear, the range of erotic games is limited only by the participants' imagination - and most sex tips tell us that imagination is the key to a healthy sex life.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Warning signs of sex addiction

Just like being addicted to drugs, shopping, gambling or work, one might also be addicted to sex. A sex addict’s thought is filled with sex at least 90 percent of the time. They cannot seem to take their mind off it. They are either looking for ways to get them or are constantly thinking of them even before they take any sex pill. This could be quite dangerous as most sex addicts are rapists who do not mind violating an underaged child. Most of the time, their work life might suffer because they cannot concentrate on working. They are either daydreaming about sex, or searching for sex partners on the internet or brothels.

It is not easy to stop this habit, especially when carried on for a long time. Most people who have tried to often feel caged and do not experience sexual pleasure or excitement with their chosen partners and so, they end up back to their old habit again. It is, however, possible to treat this case through rigorous therapy and also, commitment on the part of the addict.

Signs a sexual addict may exhibit
Note that a sexual habit person may not come out looking all mean or evil. It could be a gentle looking man at your office or that sweet lady that waves at you every morning. But there are some warning signs you could notice if you are observant enough;
A sexual addict has no control over their sexual behaviors. They just find themselves constantly thinking or engaging in them.

They will hide certain sexual behavior from their partner. This could range from having a threesome, to an orgy. They do not want to be judged or pressured to give up their fantasies or stop their behaviors. So they do their possible best to keep it away from their partners.

A sexual addict will rather prefer to go to prison rather than resisting an urge to coerce or force an underage to have sex with them. They find it hard to quit their sexual behavior even when it is obvious it’s a source of sadness and depression to their loved ones and people around them. They go ahead and cheat on their partners multiple times without remorse. Even if they feel remorseful, they are often at it again in the blink of an eye.

They would rather spend time chasing their sexual fantasies; looking for where the next naked party is going on, or where they can find multiple sex partners to binge on, than spending time with family and friends. Call them selfish or self- centered, they really don’t care.

Most sex addicts might have lost their jobs due to sexual misconduct at work. Their names are often associated with topics that have to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. They might have had a divorce due to multiple accounts of cheating and family neglection. They might have been involved with a number of failed relationships because they couldn’t keep their pants up. It is more like a cycle than something that happens once or twice.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Why Slow Sex is great for you and Your Sex Partner

It’s kind of funny how men think women always want hard thrusting and grinding all the time! Yes, sometimes they might want to feel your rock hard erection and fast penetration so they could feel your wholesomeness, but other times, they really want it slow so they could feel they are making love and not just digging it out with you. And believe it or not slow sex is the best sex you can ever have with your partner, why? The memory lingers…perhaps for a lifetime. You will seat and remember that beautiful windy night when you and your partner were “spooning” away in a very slow tempo, moaning and feeling each other…deeply. She probably whispered a “thank you” when both of you exhaled in ecstasy and got up early to make breakfast and serve it to you in bed! Haven’t had these feelings before? I think you should!
Let’s look at some healthy and romantic reasons why slow sex is great for you and your sex partner:

This is perhaps the most important reason why you should engage in slow sex at least five times a week with your partner (not too much right?). Picture this, it’s Monday and everyone is in a hurry to leave the house. After a long day at the office, you both come back home, fix your meals and head to the bedroom. While on the bed, you both decide to get a little naughty and you jump on her riding her like a rough rider? No! She will be irritated even though she won’t say it and you definitely won’t catch her looking disappointed.
Slow sex is needed at this point as an indirect way of telling her, “Baby, I know you had a stressful day, I just want to make the night better.” Trust me; she would be happy you did.

Intense Orgasms
So you’ve been trying out different methods to stop premature ejaculation. Have you tried slow sex? When you indulge in slow sex, you will be able to train yourself lasting longer in bed so that you can please your partner for a longer time. If you are able to achieve this, when you finally decide to cum, the result will be massive. You climax will be higher than it has ever been before. And you know the interesting part? Your sex partner will enjoy intense orgasm with you. Why do you think this will happen? Well, according to research studies, women take about 14 minutes before they climax as opposed to men who just need a minimum of 2. Now when you are able to hold off a while longer, you are moving closer to her and you will finally meet her halfway where both of you will experience sunshine and rainbows.

Pain Killer
Slow sex is like a soothing balm, which takes the pain, stress, and worries away. Think of it as a painkiller you would rather take after a stressful day than that drug lying in your drawer. According to Anne Sprinkle, an experienced sex educator, the body produces a compound called neuropeptides during slow sex. This compound is known to reduce pains all around the body. So maybe you will need to try it and get rid of that banging headache or waist pain.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

What Every Woman Should Know About Sex Before 30

Sex is a broad topic and we learn new things about it every day. It is safe to say it is a continuous learning process which keeps changing well into your old age. For most women, especially those who lack adequate exposure, sex seems to be made for just men since they are the ones getting the awesome ejaculation and they can actually look like a bag of flour and still have sex with the hottest women.

As you grow older, you will come to see sex from a different point of view as there are things you will come to accept as well as discover. Would you rather wait till then, or do you want a heads-up? I bet you want some. Let’s delve in.

Think of Yourself as a Cleopatra in Bed
You must have heard this saying “You are what you think”. Do we have to blame the social media or magazines for displaying picture perfect models? No, I don’t think so. There are ladies that have that perfect body in reality. But so what? You do not need to be bothered about that. You just have to be content with what you have. If you are not, then save up for enhancement, if it would make you confident of yourself. The bottom line here is every man wants to ride a confident woman who would take the bulls by the horn and give him that cow girl style without minding if her boobs are literally touching her belly button. It’s your body, own it.

You need to experience more than penetrative sex
Penetrative sex is cool with all thrusting, grinding and bouncing. But, it shouldn’t be the only option when it’s time to toss your clothes aside and reveal your nakedness. Oral sex is marvelous when done professionally. Let your partner please you with his mouth, suck your clitoris and vaginal opening as well as lick you all over. Also, you can try to stimulate your clitoris with his ass too. You could find the spot between his balls and anus and rub with your wet clitoris. This is sure to send you both moan in pleasure and the next time, he will ask you to do it again. Feel free and try new sexual pleasing things. Life is too short to be stuck up in old styles and sexual technique. Find your sexual pleasure spots and show it to your partner and let him do the needful.

Concentrate on the sex not orgasms
As a woman, your orgasms are quite different from that of men. You know this, but it’s obvious they don’t as they keep asking you, “Do you cum”, “Have you cum” and stuffs like that. This makes a lot of women fake orgasms just to satisfy the curiosity of such men that they can actually “cum”. In sex, be a little selfish and make your man please you, not because you just want an intense orgasm, but because you want to be touched, romanced, appreciated, complemented and satisfied.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The importance of trying new things in sex

Sex is one of the most fun, most exciting activities that humans can perform. Most people believe that sex can never really get boring as it’s a base need and it feels so good. However, if you’re not careful, then you may end up doing the unimaginable – making sex boring. Luckily, there are a few things that you could try out in order to make sex exciting again – below you will find a list on some of the best things that you could do in this sense.

The first thing that you could do is to change the location. Sure, it may be fun to have sex in your bedroom for the time being, but after a while, this practice may get boring. So, chances are that the bedroom is not the only room in your home – you will have a few other rooms to where you can take your “after-work” activities to. The more adventurous among you may even try it out in the kitchen. The living room and even the bathroom can be great options. Always try to spice things up every once in a while, when it comes to sex, it will boost your sexual desireenhance the libido and sexual pleasure.

You can even use some tools as an extra in order to heat things up. You can use whatever you can find – vibrators, whips, handcuffs, butt-plugs, and anything else in-between. The tools and accessories can definitely make things more fun in the bedroom – make sure that you try using some of them at times.

Outdoor sex can be an incredibly fun experience. You will undoubtedly get to a moment when the passion between the two of you will be unbearable – so unbearable that you will feel like you have to do it at that exact moment. Finding a sneaky place and keeping things relatively quite will help you have a grand public-sex experiences. It’s an experience that everybody should try out at least once in their lifetime.

You could also try some role-playing. This can be an incredibly fun approach to having sex. You could try taking on the roles of whoever you find interesting. You could be the housewife and the mechanic, the cop and the criminal, the cat and the mouse, whatever it is that you think will be fun for the bedroom. Role playing can add a new layer of excitement in your sex life and we think that this is an indispensable element in your sex arsenal.

So, as you can see, there are many different things that you could try out in order to keep things interesting in the bedroom (or outside of it, depending on your choice). With the help of these novel things you can implement, you will find that sex continues to be exciting as ever. You will be able to continually introduce new things and keep things novel and this will help you preserve the excitement of one of the inherently most exciting experiences that we can ever have in life.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

5 key to improving your sexual self-esteem

Self-love directly affects our sex life. Therefore, a specialist in the field reveals the steps to follow in order to improve our confidence in the field of the erotic.

Self-esteem, which can be defined as the level of assessment or esteem that a person feels for himself, directly influences his or her sexuality. Therefore, those who have little or no self-love, can hardly have a full and satisfying erotic life.

But there are ways in which what is also known as sexual self-esteem can be enhanced. Magdalena Rivera, medical surgeon and sexologists at Medical Sex Center, delivers the following solutions that can positively impact erotic life.

1. Accept the body
It is important to feel good about your body. This does not necessarily mean having and wearing a perfect body, but accepting and loving the body that one has, without feeling the pressure or the demands of advertising or fashion that often raise physical stereotypes that are not real. This is something basic to be comfortable, to undress without problems in privacy.

2. Know the body
In order to feel more secure in the sexual encounter, it is also vital to know your own body, your sexual responses, what you like and what you do not like. And the best way to get all this is this is through masturbation.

Autoerotism for years was "condemned", however, over time, science was clearing the way and is known to bring many benefits of the life of those who practice it: strengthens the immune system, improves mood, quality of Skin, self-esteem and other benefits.

In this sense, today, the sexual market offers a series of alternatives to be able to motivate and promote autoerotism both female and male such as vibrators, dildos, exciting gels, intimate lubricants, among many other novelties that have been created with the sexual well-being of women And men.

3. Learn about sexuality
Another way to boost erotic self-esteem is to gain more knowledge about sexuality. And the best way for this is by educating yourself through reliable and good quality information sources.
In this way, we also get rid of myths and taboos that surround sex and are often obstacles to explore and discover new sensations in sex.

4. Learning to communicate with the couple
Communication with the other person is vital, but it has to be an assertive communication, that is, it does not come in the form of criticism or offense. Always the idea is to propose or suggest what one wants and does not want, but in a good way.

Now, it is also important that we all understand that not because one does not like a certain sexual practice is bad in bed or is a bad lover, because everything goes through preferences and tastes that vary in each person. Therefore, it is very important that we refrain from rating our sexual performance or that of the other.

5. Have real expectations about sex
It is better to have real expectations, to see sexuality as a way to enjoy and have fun. That sex has nothing to do with reaching goals or with self-demand. In this sense pornography can do a lot of damage. That is to say, there is no problem with watching pornographic films, as long as we do not think that what we see there is reality neither a documentary, but mere fiction and sexual fantasy.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

4 Very Powerful Love Making Techniques You Need To Know

Before we get into the 4 powerful love making techniques, I just want to point out, there are plenty more techniques that you can use. It's not very difficult to come up with, but the techniques you find here will definitely lead to some memorable and passionate love making sessions and will also create new ideas.
They aren't really related to love making positions, because if you do these techniques correctly, the mood will be so powerful, that your sex position will mean very little (the mood will be intense enough!). So let's get started:

Technique 1: Women love when you communicate them. When you use her own fantasy to get her involved, excited, and then satisfied - how can you lose?
Many women love no-touch intense orgasm whereby they have a nice climax through exciting the largest sex organ in their body - their brain. Take her through some sexual fantasies and scenarios that turn her on. Then, make it very descriptive and turn it from the past tense to what you could be doing right now. Make it real and make it NOW! Act as if you're doing it now! Take her step, by step.

Technique 2: Walk up to your partner/spouse and just kiss them out of the blue and not just a normal kiss, but a passionate kiss that you used to use when you two were madly in love. What this does is, it surprises your partner/spouse, but then arouses them to return the favor. But when they'll want to do that, you lead them on and play hard to get. This build up will eventually lead into some of the most passionate love making you'll ever encounter. It's all about the build-up.

Technique 3: This also relates to the build up, but add a few more ideas to the mix. You can rent/watch sexual videos, cuddle, play hard to get and do anything arousing that you can think of when you or your partner are in the mood, but the most important part you must remember is, to keep delaying the need to make love. This again builds up the intensity and emotions, until they explode.

Remember when you were told, not to date a certain person, or practice abstinence and you just wanted to have sex more? Well the same idea relates here. At first don't submit to your emotions, delay them! Then after doing it 3 times or more, let it out and you're guaranteed to have the time of your life (again)!

Technique 4: This love making sexual techniques is really more of an sexual moment rather than intimate, but it also works very well. This technique involves you and your partner/spouse making love in a place where it's illegal to do so. But the danger of being caught creates such excitement that the idea of disobeying rules turns you both on.

Again use the example above. When you're told not to have sex, you want to have sex more! Well when you're trying to not have sex in an area where it's not allowed, it makes you want to do it more! I'm not saying do it in public, but in an area considered public where you both let go of your worries of being caught and just let your emotions run wild!