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Friday, July 27, 2018

Therapy And Low Libido

Low libido is a sexual disorder in male and female. A woman suffering from low libido suffers from low stress drive, in the sense that they are always not excited by it because they find it disinteresting.  Low sex libido in women most times is due to two major issues, it is either due to the psychological effect of the woman or probably due to health reasons.

Some women actually come to feel fear, guilt, resentment, and disgust. They cannot even bear to know why sex is important; they look for every reason to avoid any talk on it. This may be due to past occurrence which may unknowingly to the patient have affected her psyche due to her perception of it.

Low sexual libido in a nutshell is having a low sex drive. There are numerous reasons why some persons suffer from this ailment, and the major one is stress. A woman that stresses herself everyday with one activities or the other during the day may find it stressful to engage in sexual activities at night with her partner. If she is also suffering from mental stress maybe due to the events happening around her.  Stress is an important factor because it decreases the important sex hormones estrogen.
Estrogen though is cured most times with pills, spray and sometimes gel for those who may have gotten to menopause stage, that is, if they already know it is the cause of their low libidos, but in other cases a therapist is the perfect answer for it.

The medical part most times is low testosterone level, type 2 diabetes and sometimes depression which should be cured by medications if need be before going through therapeutic session. Aside stress, poor dieting also lowers the libido most especially in women, low carbohydrate, low fats in diets affects the hormones that enhance the libido. Another thing that affects libido is hypothyroidism, because it prevents the reproductive organs from carrying out their functions in the body properly.

Although medications to some extent cure this ailment but visiting a therapist still remains the best solution in this aspect. The major role the therapist play in this case is not to administer drugs but to work on your psyche. The reason being that most of the causes of these low libido effect may actually be initiated by the individual maybe due to some circumstances she is powerless over. The therapist will always look for the emotional part of your situation because sex itself brings emotion to the forefront. In curing this ailment, the therapist most often listen to the happenings in your sex life and advices you on how to go about it. A therapist is supposed to bring your sex drive back to gear.
It is very advisable for women with low libido to seek the help of a therapist, because they are trained to help work through the problem with you. After going through therapeutic sessions and the emotional blockade have been dealt with, the couple is then advised to engage in some behavioral exercises that have been planned by the therapist which on most occasions are designed to remove fear and increases sensual awareness towards herself.