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sex machine

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sexual Resolutions

We are moments away from ushering in the New Year, one thing that you should look into improving in the New year should be your sex life. Before you curse me out, remember I didn’t say you were a bad lover, just saying that there is always room for improvement.

The coming year should set you on an unselfish self-discovery. What? Simple; use your time with your partner (s) to discover more about your body and ways you can use it to enhance your sexual performance.

Do not count this as part of your ‘New year Resolutions’ on the contrary, take it as research and after a while, your effort will start paying off. Not to leave you twisted in the wind, below are a few, but necessary steps to enhance your sexual experience in the coming year!

Dress Up

If you have never thought of dressing up but have sexual fantasies, it’s time you let loose. Allow yourself to dress up as you do in your fantasy. If you are a man wishing to dress up like a pirate go ahead and do so, if you are a woman envying to try out a sexy French Maid outfit, by all means do.
Allow yourself to fulfill the dressing up fantasy and boost your sexual experience. Science tells us that when you dress up as the person you see in your fantasy, the sexual experience evolves to a better and memorable session!

Use this as a way of discovering the pinnacles you can reach in your sexual life. Talk it through with your partner and allow each person to dress up as someone else (a persona they envy) and see what it will do for a better sexual life!


Even the holiest of hollies has z sexual fantasy they wish they could fulfill. To make you understand your body better make a decision to fulfill one or two sexual fantasies in the coming year.
Whether you fantasize about having sex outdoors next to a cascading waterfalls, find a secluded spot on your holiday destination and do it!

If your fantasy involves role playing, go ahead and introduce the idea to your partner. Sell it as something the two of you can do together, this way, they will be more comfortable with the idea and may roll with the idea.

If you want to be James Bond and she Cleopatra, make it happen. Settle on a theme that will suit the two fantasies and go at it! By allowing yourself to do something new, you will enable your body to relax and adjust and hence have a harder and stronger erection!


The above simple sexual resolutions are a guide to help you get out of your shell. Make the new year the time you use to explore yourself, your sexual experiences and how far you can go, within no time, you will have discovered that you have improved your performance!