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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Birth Control Myths Sex Machine Should Know About

There are a number of birth control methods available today that are highly effective. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of "mythical" misinformation out there regarding contraception and unless you want a surprise pregnancy on your hands, you'll want to know about them. Following are a few of the most common myths regarding birth control:

You can't get pregnant if your partner pulls out prior to ejaculation
Known as the "withdrawal" method of birth control, pulling out prior to ejaculation definitely isn't a foolproof contraceptive method because there's always a chance that some ejaculate containing sperm will be released before a male starts to climax. Also, you can't count on your partner to have the willpower to withdraw in time.

Breastfeeding will keep you from getting pregnant
Even though breastfeeding can postpone ovulation, there's absolutely no guarantee that it will so nursing mothers will need to use birth control if they don't want to get pregnant.

You won't get pregnant if you don't have a climax
Pregnancy transpires when an ejaculate from the male partner fertilizes a woman's egg, which means whether or not a woman climaxes has nothing to do with getting pregnant.

Having sex standing up or being on top will keep me from getting pregnant
Sex position have nothing to do with whether or not fertilization takes place. Immediately after a male ejaculates, sperm is deposited deep in the vagina and naturally starts to move up through the cervical canal, regardless of the sexual position.

I don't need birth control because we just have sex during my "safe" time of the month
This common myth is based on a woman's belief that they're only fertile one day out of the month, typically based on a misunderstanding of their menstrual cycle. The problem is that, while a woman's menstrual cycle is fairly regular most of the time, hormonal balances can be disrupted by a number of factors that include age, stress, medications, weight and more. As a result, determining the time of ovulation and estimating any so called "safe" days is virtually impossible and definitely too risky to base an unwanted pregnancy on.

Using a balloon or plastic wrap works just as good as a condom for birth control
Believe it or not; this is a fairly common birth control myth so we felt we should mention it in this article. Balloons and plastic wrap are "NOT" effective birth control methods for obvious reasons, including the fact that either can be easily ripped during sex, not to mention the fact they don't fix well. Condoms are exclusively designed to provide the perfect fit and effective protection. Condoms are also extensively tested for highest possible effectiveness.

Birth control pills offer protection immediately after you start taking them
This is definitely not the case. As a matter of fact, many doctors recommend that couple's use a back up method of contraception during the first month of taking birth control pills. In addition, going through one complete menstrual cycle is necessary with some women for the hormones in the oral contraceptive to work with the natural hormones of the female to prevent ovulation.

Couples that have any doubts about birth control methods should consult with a trusted physician.