Sunday, November 8, 2015

Do You Know Your Erogenous Zones

Usually we think that we know all the sensitive spots on our bodies, but clitoris and nipples aren't the only ones. So, do you really know all of them? With this article you can learn what are your erogenous zones and what should your partner make with each one of them.

- Clitoris:
 Of course it should be in the top of this list, this is definitely the most sensitive part of the body, when stimulated carefully you can experience a lot of sensations. It has approximately 8,000 nerve endings, so experts recommend to start with feather-light touches, and later gradually increase the stimulation; you can even use sexual toys. buy maxi2 cure ed impotent

- Inner Thighs and Vagina:
 Inner thighs zones are really sensitive to the touch, until the back of the knees, this is because they also have a lot of nerve endings. Experts recommend to touch this part of the body softly, soft breaths, or using the tongue. When massages are performed at thighs during oral sex the genitals blood-flow increases, which increases the sensations. harder longer erections

- Mouth and lips:
These are very erogenous zones. When they are carefully stimulated with the fingers or the partner’s lips, the sensations can increase highly. When the lips are deep red, it is a signal of excitement. Likewise, lips a mouth stimulation promotes the release of hormones that make the brain to feel good.

- Nipples:
Scientific studies have shown that nipple stimulation is captured by the brain in the same area of clitoris and vagina, and it promotes the reach of oxytocin. But they are very sensitive, so should be gently stimulated with the fingers and the tongue. Experts say that clitoral vibrators can also be used in this area.

- Neck and Throat:
 These parts of the body can really trigger the desire, in can be stimulated with kisses in the front while the fingers are in the back of the neck and the shoulders.

- Ears:
When they are stimulated with the fingers, the tongue, or breath a lot of senses can wake up. Most people only like the external stimulation (on the contour with C form), and kisses or massages on the earlobe. Likewise, the sounds are a great way to stimulate them, a low moan or a sultry whisper in the right moment may surprise you.

-Inner wrists:
Very few lovers know this secret spot. We recommend you to try these spots. Gently massage inner wrists of your partner or kiss this area.

-Elbow kissing:
Kiss the delicate inner curves of the elbow and watch her shiver with delight. It is much more intimate than it appears. You should try this during foreplay and see the magic.

-Scalp massage:
Move your fingers slowly through hair and start massaging the scalp. This will make her body to release amount of endorphins which will boost her sexual desire.

Knee Massage:
Knee is also an erogenous zone. Massage the area behind her knee with your fingers or kissing this area will also help.

You have learned some interesting information, haven't you?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to improve sexual health and sexuality in old age

Aging is a process that cannot be stopped. Obviously, we can do many things to slow down this process, but eventually we will become old. People in old age, often deal with problems related to sexuality. We are talking about many different types of problems. This is not something that should worry you because it is quite normal to experience such things, but this also doesn’t mean that you should give up and accept these problems. It is possible to prevent and solve these problems.

We are living in a world where the number of senior citizens is growing. This is something that we can read about on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in most cases these articles and discussions are mostly focused on finances, retirement homes etc. Experts usually forget to mention everyday issues which are equally important for the quality of life in senior citizens. It is a well-known fact that the elderly are living beings with their own needs and desires of sex is one of them.

Old age brings certain changes in the life of every person. So, how can we cope with these changes? It is best to recognize and accept them and start solving them as soon as possible. Now let’s see how we can improve sexual health and sexuality in old age.

First of all, it is important to understand that sexuality can be improved in every person regardless of their age. There are some really good terms for this activity when we reach old age. For instance, we no longer have to go to work which means less stress. The life is more relaxed and we have increased amount of energy. On top of that, those who have children will probably witness how their children leave the home. When you have more time and fewer distractions, it is the right time to unleash your passion and creativity and try new things.

As mentioned before, people who have reached old age experience many physical changes and this is why honest and open communication is important. In some cases, talking strictly about sex is enough to become more confident in bed.

Older men often deal with problems related to erection. In this case, it is highly recommended to practice certain sex positions that will help you. For example, a position in which the woman is on top is the best because in this case the stiffness of the penis can be lower. In any case, all these physical handicaps should encourage you to explore new ways to enjoy sex and experience new pleasures. In situations like this, foreplay gets an increased importance in our sex life, just like oral sex and/or masturbation. buy libidus maxidus cure impotent

Physical activity should not be neglected in old age. Of course, the exercise should be adjusted to our personal physical capabilities. We should not forget that each of us can make progress too. It is also a good idea to adjust the diet – stay away from foods that contain too much fat and enjoy in more veggies and fruits. Better sexual health depends on our healthy spirit and healthy body. In other words, we should pay special attention to protection of the body and mind.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Is it possible to maintain a healthy relationship without sex?

The fact is that there is only a small number of relationships and marriages that are completely perfect and in which everything is idyllic including the sex life. There are many couples today that are facing different problems when it comes to sexual life. They also experience inconsistency in the quality of relationships, resentment about the frequency of sexual activity, lack of mutual understanding about their wishes and desires, stressful and busy lifestyle, tension, nervousness etc. These are all problems that can seriously affect sexual life and even lead to complete sexual activity.
In case one of the partners loses will, desire and need for any form of sexual activity due to some dissatisfaction or burdened by some problems while the other partners continues to have sexual appetites, then problems become inevitable. medicine treat impotent

It is very difficult and almost impossible to imagine life without sexual intercourses because besides the strong emotional connection it is also very important to have a physical or sexual intimacy too. But, does this mean that the concept of sex in marriages and long relationships should be related to love? We could say that this is an individual approach. Some people rarely have sex sexual activities, but partners show their love to each other in other ways. Some of these ways include: expressing kind and sincere words, understanding, attention etc. The truth is that these couples are very rare.
The vast majority of couples believe that love and sex simply cannot work without each other, so if there is no sex involved in a relationship they start panicking and start accusing their partners of many things including lack of love. buy maxi2 order maxi2

In any case, a relationship without sexual activity is unlikely to work. The partner who is involuntarily deprived of sexual attention will start feeling undesired, neglected, unattractive and will often blame themselves and think that they are not attractive anymore despite the fact that in most cases the reason for this sexual inactivity doesn’t have anything to do with these things.
Therefore, in the case of rare or completely non-existing sexual relationships, it is crucial and essential to have open conversations between the partners. The partner who has lost the will and desire for sex for some reason should sincerely express their reasons, no matter how unpleasant or difficult they might be because this is the only way to solve this problem. If the other person in this relationship is honest and loves their partner they will surely understand and they will try to solve this problem together. Sex pills cure ed dysfunction

If sexual desire is missing due to problems, stress, numerous obligations, it would be desirable for the partners to overcome this difficult situation together and try to reduce the impact of these things on their sex life as much as possible. In fact, the ideal solution would be to try to revive the passion in bed because passions bring only good relaxation and elimination of stress.

We can certainly conclude that sexual activity is an essential part of any relationship and that relationships without sex can have equally negative effects for both partners.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Top 5 male sex fantasies

The essence of male sexual fantasies lies in the fact that they remove the borders and allow the man to imagine situations that occur rarely or never in real life.

This allows the male to explore the depths of their sexual desires to experiment with his mind.

Oral sex
Oral sex is often the most desired fantasy of the men wrote "Sunday World". Among the longings of the stronger sex is not only fellatio, oral satisfaction of men but 69 posture in which the partners mutually sexual pleasure.
This is the perfect way to break the routine in bed and to revive the passion and sexual desire in a long relationship. Women know very well that men love oral sex. So give it and will not be disappointed, and efforts will be recompensed.

Swedish threesome
In one or another stage of life everyone has dreamed about a threesome with another two sexy girls and some dream of this life. Often women involved in the sex act are lesbians who indulge in caresses each other in front of your partner.

Surprisingly, the top three of the most longed for sex fantasies is infidelity. Having sex with someone else behind your spouse can be an exciting experience because it is inaccessible and forbidden pleasure. Infidelity is often a sign of dissatisfaction in sexual relations. Happy and faithful man is always satisfied in bed, if you do not get what he needs at home, it will look elsewhere.

Male is obsessed with breasts and literally wants to make love to them, rub them, to be devoured by them until it reaches the peak of pleasure. Ladies, this is a fantasy, easy to implement. Experiment with different positions until you find the most pleasant for you.

Dominant woman

Another male fantasy of men dominating women. Older women generally have more experience and more wild in bed. Strong sex often yearns for a woman who will rip his clothes, will take the initiative and transform it into her sex toy.

This article is meant for sex machine's girl friend. I guess the best foreplay is mind, if you are good at this you can make sex life so much exciting and more fun. Spice up your sex life and you will have a wonderful life.

Monday, August 31, 2015


Female sterilization and male vasectomy are permanent methods of contraception and are highly effective. They are usually chosen by relatively older couples who are sure that they have completed their families. Occasionally, individuals who have no children or who, for example, carry an inherited disorder may choose to be sterilized. The uptake of female sterilization and vasectomy in the UK is relatively high compared to many other European countries, with around 50 per cent of couples over the age of 40 years relying on one or other permanent method.

Vasectomy is easier, cheaper and slightly more effective than female sterilization. It does not require a general anaesthetic. Semen analysis has to be checked after the procedure to ensure that it has been successful.

Technically, both female sterilization and vasectomy can be reversed, with subsequent pregnancy rates of about 25 per cent, but reversals are not funded by the NHS in many parts of the UK. Individuals should not have a sterilization procedure performed if there is a chance that one day they might want to have it reversed.

It is estimated that around 10–15 per cent of individuals in the UK subsequently regret the decision to be sterilized. Regret is more common in individuals who are aged less than 30 years at the time, have no children or in women who are within a year of delivery.

Long-acting reversible contraception is highly effective and the option to use these methods instead of a sterilization procedure should always be raised in the counselling session. They are reversible should a woman wish to keep her options open for a future pregnancy.

This involves the mechanical blockage of both Fallopian tubes to prevent sperm reaching and fertilizing the oocyte. It can also be achieved by hysterectomy or total removal of both Fallopian tubes.

Female sterilization will not alter the subsequent menstrual pattern as such, but if a woman stops the combined pill to be sterilized, she may find that her subsequent menstrual periods are heavier. Alternatively, if she has an IUD removed at the time of sterilization, she may find her subsequent menstrual periods are lighter.

Sterilization in the UK is most commonly performed by laparoscopy under general anaesthesia, which enables women to be admitted to hospital as a day case. Alternative techniques are mini-laparotomy with a small transverse suprapubic incision or, less commonly, through the posterior vaginal fornix (colpotomy). Mini-laparotomy is the technique of choice when the procedure is carried out post-natally (the uterus is enlarged and more vascular) and in developing countries where laparoscopic equipment is not available.

Essure® is a newer technique which is becoming popular. It involves insertion of metal springs into each Fallopian tube guided by the hysteroscope. Scar tissue grows round the metal springs and blocks the tubes. It can be performed under local anaesthetic or light sedation making it a cheaper and easier option than conventional laparoscopic sterilization.

Vasectomy involves the division of the vas deferens on each side to prevent the release of sperm during ejaculation. It is technically an easier and quicker procedure than female sterilization and is usually performed under local anaesthesia. Various techniques exist to block the vas, and their effectiveness is related primarily to the skill and experience of the operator. Vasectomy differs from female sterilization in that it is not effective immediately. Sperm will still be present higher in the genital tract and azoospermia is therefore achieved more quickly if there is frequent ejaculation. Men should be advised to hand in two samples of semen at 12 and 16 weeks to see if any sperm are still present. If two consecutive samples are free of sperm, the vasectomy can be considered complete. An alternative form of contraception must be used until that time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An introduction to erectile dysfunction

An erection is the stiffening of the male sex organ which occurs during sexual arousal. On the other hand, ED or erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection (in more than 3 months) sufficient for uninterrupted sexual intercourse. This condition is not considered normal in any age and needs to be taken care of. Men at any age should be able to reach an erection, with less or more stimuli.

The most common diseases and health problems that lead to erectile dysfunction
- Diabetes – between 30% and 75% of diabetes patients have erectile dysfunction and this number is increasing with the aging process.
- Hypertension or high blood pressure – One in ten people suffering from hypertension have ED.
- Depression and other psychological disorders
- Neurological diseases and injuries like spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis.
- Surgery and radiation therapy in the pelvic area can also lead to temporary or even permanent erectile dysfunction. The use of certain drugs and medications can also lead to the onset of this condition.
- The psychogenic influence on the formation of erectile dysfunction today is more present than ever. Modern lifestyle often leads to ED.

What should we do when we notice that we have improper erection?
The first thing you should do is to answer some important questions. For example, do you have a desire to extend the use of medications and new techniques? Are you motivated enough for an active sex life? Do you get the support from your partner?

Given that about 50% of cases of erectile dysfunction occur as a result of a combination of organic diseases and mental disorders, it is necessary to discuss with your partner and with your doctor after that. In this way you can determine the real cause of your problem. Learn more about it then you may know the way to treat impotent naturally.

The primary goal is to determine whether there is existence of some organic cause for the emergence of ED. During the medical examination it is necessary to determine the existence of anatomical changes in the reproductive system which can lead to ED. For example, testicles with smaller size, presence of plaques on the penile structure, prostate cancer are some of the reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction. It is also necessary to perform full blood analysis and determine the level of PSA – a specific prostate antigen – and testosterone levels too. Finally, it is crucial to share these problems with your partner and it would be advisable to consult your doctor once in a while.

Final thoughts
When you finally decide to determine the reasons for ED, you must be aware of the specifics of this problem and the causes. However, because of the fact that erectile dysfunction directly affects the quality of life in men and their partners; we should never ignore the warning signs. Although only 25% of cases are related to some organic disease and half of them experience combinations of organic and psychogenic factors, the very existence of organic disease affects the psychological condition of a person and the sex life cannot be consumed completely.

This is why it is very important to visit a doctor as soon as possible and to ask for your partner’s support and help. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Few Things You Should know About Anal Sex

There are many myths and delusions associated to anal sex and that’s why it is a good idea to learn more about this type of sexual intercourse. These tips will help you learn the experience and protect yourself from injuries. It will improve sexual health, make sex life more and more interesting.

Anal sex is not actually painful, but only if it is practiced in the right way
Since the anus itself has a huge number of nerve endings, due to improper treating it can be a source of pain. However, if it is performed right it can bring great pleasures. When it comes to penetration, anal muscles contact in a way like they are creating resistance. The pain will occur only when the partners don’t wait for these muscles to relax. If they are relaxed and if they use lubricants, the penetration will be painless.

Anal penetration is the least practiced form of anal sex
There are many ways in which we can experience anal pleasure. According to many people, the most practiced form is caressing the anus during masturbation, vaginal or oral sex. Some people enjoy feeling the fingers, while others prefer the use of anal vibrators or plugs. Analingus is also very popular among young people.

The anus is surrounded by two muscle sphincters
The anus is surrounded by an external muscle sphincter, which can be freely relaxed or tensed by any individual and internal muscle sphincter, which is managed by the subconscious bodily reaction system. This system is responsible for things like heart rates and response to stress. This muscle can be relaxed only when our body is completely focused on having anal sex.

You can always start enjoying anal sex even if it was uncomfortable in the past
The very sexual desire to have anal sex is not necessarily a guarantee for true pleasure. Chronic tension in the anus is one of the main reasons for discomfort during anal sex (constipation, hemorrhoids etc.). This tension can be removed by learning more about the anus. The most ideal opportunity to do so is during a shower or a bath through masturbation when the body is completely relaxed. In addition, deep breathing can also relax anal muscles. When an individual learns how to relax the anal muscles, anal sex becomes completely painless.

Anal stimulation can lead to strong orgasms
The truth is that only a small number of people experience orgasm during anal sex. Most often, they experience anal orgasm when they are stimulating the vagina or penis at the same time.

Anal stimulation provides different kinds of pleasure
Anal pleasure can be mental or physical in their nature. In men, a source of pleasure may be pressure on the prostate no matter if we are talking about massage with the fingers, use of vibrator or homosexual intercourse. When it comes to mental pleasures, we are talking about the excitement caused by the feeling of breaking some taboos.

Nutrition affects pleasures caused by anal sex

Nutrition can play a significant role on the way we experience anal sex. It is best to eat food that doesn’t interfere the digestive process. Otherwise, penetration can only intensify the discomfort due to the tension in the digestive system.