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Friday, December 18, 2015

The Male Sex Drive

A man’s sex drive is usually in his head. There are two areas in the brain that are critical to a man’s sex drive and performance, these are the limbic system and the cerebral cortex.

The two areas play a significant role to an extent that a man is capable of attaining an orgasm simply by dreaming or thinking of a pleasurable sexual experience.

The Cerebral Cortex is the brain’s outer layer grey matter. It’s the part of the human brain that is charged with the following higher functions:


Sex fall squarely in the thought bracket and after a man gets aroused, the signals originating, from the cerebral cortex region hasten both blood flow and heart rate to the genitals. The brain cerebral cortex region initiates the process that generates an erection.

The limbic system is a segment of the cerebral cortex. It covers the following areas;

The above components are involved with sex drive, motivation and emotion. Emory University-based researchers discovered that viewing sexually arousing images magnifies the activity in men’s amygdalae region.

The same experiment discovered that males were more aroused by the pictures more than females. 

Sex Drive in Male Adults

When we become adults, testosterone cease to boost male sexual organ growth. Testosterone now handles maintaining a sex drive. Unfortunately for men, when we reach the age of 18 years, our testosterone levels start diminishing although it is unnoticeable.

Mayo Clinic reports that by the time a man hits 30 years, testosterone levels begin dropping by 1%. Some men lose their ability to maintain hard erection and result to soft erection treatment options.

In recent years, there has surfaced numerous discussions about sexual peak. However, sexual peak has not yet been measured in a consistent manner. Testosterone levels pick up in men during our late teens and as testosterone declines we take longer to achieve an erection.

As testosterone levels dip, the longer it takes a man to maintain hard erection once more after ejaculating.

To counter these effects, it’s important that we check our diet, get a regular physical check-up. Also, men are advised to curb their cigarette and alcohol and drugs consumption.

To treat Erectile Dysfunction that have their roots from low testosterone, medical practitioners advise older men to use enhancements once in a while. Soft erection treatment once consumed by an older adult will help him perform better in bed.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Do You Know Your Erogenous Zones

Usually we think that we know all the sensitive spots on our bodies, but clitoris and nipples aren't the only ones. So, do you really know all of them? With this article you can learn what are your erogenous zones and what should your partner make with each one of them.

- Clitoris:
 Of course it should be in the top of this list, this is definitely the most sensitive part of the body, when stimulated carefully you can experience a lot of sensations. It has approximately 8,000 nerve endings, so experts recommend to start with feather-light touches, and later gradually increase the stimulation; you can even use sex toys

- Inner Thighs and Vagina:
 Inner thighs zones are really sensitive to the touch, until the back of the knees, this is because they also have a lot of nerve endings. Experts recommend to touch this part of the body softly, soft breaths, or using the tongue. When massages are performed at thighs during oral sex the genitals blood-flow increases, which increases the sensations. 

- Mouth and lips:
These are very erogenous zone. When they are carefully stimulated with the fingers or the partner’s lips, the sensations can increase highly. When the lips are deep red, it is a signal of excitement. Likewise, lips a mouth stimulation promotes the release of hormones that make the brain to feel good.

- Nipples:
Scientific studies have shown that nipple stimulation is captured by the brain in the same area of clitoris and vagina, and it promotes the reach of oxytocin. But they are very sensitive, so should be gently stimulated with the fingers and the tongue. Experts say that clitoral vibrators can also be used in this area.

- Neck and Throat:
 These parts of the body can really trigger the desire, in can be stimulated with kisses in the front while the fingers are in the back of the neck and the shoulders.

- Ears:
When they are stimulated with the fingers, the tongue, or breath a lot of senses can wake up. Most people only like the external sexual stimulation (on the contour with C form), and kisses or massages on the earlobe. Likewise, the sounds are a great way to stimulate them, a low moan or a sultry whisper in the right moment may surprise you.

-Inner wrists:
Very few lovers know this secret spot. We recommend you to try these spots. Gently massage inner wrists of your partner or kiss this area.

-Elbow kissing:
Kiss the delicate inner curves of the elbow and watch her shiver with delight. It is much more intimate than it appears. You should try this during foreplay and see the magic.

-Scalp massage:
Move your fingers slowly through hair and start massaging the scalp. This will make her body to release amount of endorphins which will boost her sexual desire.

Knee Massage:
Knee is also an erogenous zone. Massage the area behind her knee with your fingers or kissing this area will also help.

You have learned some interesting information, haven't you?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to improve sexual health and sexuality in old age

Aging is a process that cannot be stopped. Obviously, we can do many things to slow down this process, but eventually we will become old. People in old age, often deal with problems related to sexuality. We are talking about many different types of problems. This is not something that should worry you because it is quite normal to experience such things, but this also doesn’t mean that you should give up and accept these problems. It is possible to prevent and solve these problems.

We are living in a world where the number of senior citizens is growing. This is something that we can read about on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in most cases these articles and discussions are mostly focused on finances, retirement homes etc. Experts usually forget to mention everyday issues which are equally important for the quality of life in senior citizens. It is a well-known fact that the elderly are living beings with their own needs and sexual desire is one of them.

Old age brings certain changes in the life of every person. So, how can we cope with these changes? It is best to recognize and accept them and start solving them as soon as possible. Now let’s see how we can improve sexual health and sexuality in old age.

First of all, it is important to understand that sexuality can be improved in every person regardless of their age. There are some really good terms for this activity when we reach old age. For instance, we no longer have to go to work which means less stress. The life is more relaxed and we have increased amount of energy. On top of that, those who have children will probably witness how their children leave the home. When you have more time and fewer distractions, it is the right time to unleash your passion and creativity and try new things.

As mentioned before, people who have reached old age experience many physical changes and this is why honest and open communication is important. In some cases, talking strictly about sex is enough to become more confident in bed.

Older men often deal with problems related to harder erection. In this case, it is highly recommended to practice certain sex position that will help you. For example, a position in which the woman is on top is the best because in this case the stiffness of the penis can be lower. In any case, all these physical handicaps should encourage you to explore new ways to enjoy sex and experience new sexual pleasure. In situations like this, foreplay gets an increased importance in our sex life, just like oral sex and/or masturbation.

Physical activity should not be neglected in old age. Of course, the exercise should be adjusted to our personal physical capabilities. We should not forget that each of us can make progress too. It is also a good idea to adjust the diet – stay away from foods that contain too much fat and enjoy in more veggies and fruits. Better sexual health depends on our healthy spirit and healthy body. In other words, we should pay special attention to protection of the body and mind.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Is it possible to maintain a healthy relationship without sex?

The fact is that there is only a small number of relationships and marriages that are completely perfect and in which everything is idyllic including the sex life. There are many couples today that are facing different problems when it comes to sexual life. They also experience inconsistency in the quality of relationships, resentment about the frequency of sexual activity, lack of mutual understanding about their wishes and desires, stressful and busy lifestyle, tension, nervousness etc. These are all problems that can seriously affect sexual life and even lead to complete sexual activity.
In case one of the partners loses will, desire and need for any form of sexual activity due to some dissatisfaction or burdened by some problems while the other partners continues to have sexual appetites, then problems become inevitable.

It is very difficult and almost impossible to imagine life without sexual intercourses because besides the strong emotional connection it is also very important to have a physical or sexual intimacy too. But, does this mean that the concept of sex in marriages and long relationships should be related to love? We could say that this is an individual approach. Some people rarely have sexual activities, but partners show their love to each other in other ways. Some of these ways include: expressing kind and sincere words, understanding, attention etc. The truth is that these couples are very rare.
The vast majority of couples believe that love and sex simply cannot work without each other, so if there is no sex involved in a relationship they start panicking and start accusing their partners of many things including lack of love. 

In any case, a relationship without sexual activity is unlikely to work. The partner who is involuntarily deprived of sexual attention will start feeling undesired, neglected, unattractive and will often blame themselves and think that they are not attractive anymore despite the fact that in most cases the reason for this sexual inactivity doesn’t have anything to do with these things.
Therefore, in the case of rare or completely non-existing sexual relationships, it is crucial and essential to have open conversations between the partners. The partner who has lost the will and desire for sex for some reason should sincerely express their reasons, no matter how unpleasant or difficult they might be because this is the only way to solve this problem. If the other person in this relationship is honest and loves their partner they will surely understand and they will try to solve this problem together.

If sexual desire is missing due to problems, stress, numerous obligations, it would be desirable for the partners to overcome this difficult situation together and try to reduce the impact of these things on their sex life as much as possible. In fact, the ideal solution would be to try to revive the passion in bed because passions bring only good relaxation and elimination of stress.

We can certainly conclude that sexual activity is an essential part of any relationship and that relationships without sex can have equally negative effects for both partners.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Top 5 male sex fantasies

The essence of male sexual fantasies lies in the fact that they remove the borders and allow the man to imagine situations that occur rarely or never in real life.

This allows the male to explore the depths of their sexual desire to experiment with his mind.

Oral sex
Oral sex is often the most desired fantasy of the men wrote "Sunday World". Among the longings of the stronger sex is not only fellatio, oral satisfaction of men but 69 posture in which the partners mutually sexual pleasure.
This is the perfect way to break the routine in bed and to revive the passion and sexual desire in a long relationship. Women know very well that men love oral sex. So give it and will not be disappointed, and efforts will be recompensed.

Swedish threesome
In one or another stage of life everyone has dreamed about a threesome with another two sexy girls and some dream of this life. Often women involved in the sex act are lesbians who indulge in caresses each other in front of your partner.

Surprisingly, the top three of the most longed for sexual fantasy is infidelity. Having sex with someone else behind your spouse can be an exciting experience because it is inaccessible and forbidden pleasure. Infidelity is often a sign of dissatisfaction in sexual relations. Happy and faithful man is always satisfied in bed, if you do not get what he needs at home, it will look elsewhere.

Male is obsessed with breasts and literally wants to make love to them, rub them, to be devoured by them until it reaches the peak of pleasure. Ladies, this is a fantasy, easy to implement. Experiment with different positions until you find the most pleasant for you.

Dominant woman
Another male fantasy of men dominating women. Older women generally have more experience and more wild in bed. Strong sex often yearns for a woman who will rip his clothes, will take the initiative and transform it into her sex toy.

This article is meant for sex machine's girl friend. I guess the best foreplay is mind, if you are good at this you can make sex life so much exciting and more fun. Spice up your sex life and you will have a wonderful life.

Monday, August 31, 2015


Female sterilization and male vasectomy are permanent methods of contraception and are highly effective. They are usually chosen by relatively older couples who are sure that they have completed their families. Occasionally, individuals who have no children or who, for example, carry an inherited disorder may choose to be sterilized. The uptake of female sterilization and vasectomy in the UK is relatively high compared to many other European countries, with around 50 per cent of couples over the age of 40 years relying on one or other permanent method.

Vasectomy is easier, cheaper and slightly more effective than female sterilization. It does not require a general anaesthetic. Semen analysis has to be checked after the procedure to ensure that it has been successful.

Technically, both female sterilization and vasectomy can be reversed, with subsequent pregnancy rates of about 25 per cent, but reversals are not funded by the NHS in many parts of the UK. Individuals should not have a sterilization procedure performed if there is a chance that one day they might want to have it reversed.

It is estimated that around 10–15 per cent of individuals in the UK subsequently regret the decision to be sterilized. Regret is more common in individuals who are aged less than 30 years at the time, have no children or in women who are within a year of delivery.

Long-acting reversible contraception is highly effective and the option to use these methods instead of a sterilization procedure should always be raised in the counselling session. They are reversible should a woman wish to keep her options open for a future pregnancy.

This involves the mechanical blockage of both Fallopian tubes to prevent sperm reaching and fertilizing the oocyte. It can also be achieved by hysterectomy or total removal of both Fallopian tubes.

Female sterilization will not alter the subsequent menstrual pattern as such, but if a woman stops the combined pill to be sterilized, she may find that her subsequent menstrual periods are heavier. Alternatively, if she has an IUD removed at the time of sterilization, she may find her subsequent menstrual periods are lighter.

Sterilization in the UK is most commonly performed by laparoscopy under general anaesthesia, which enables women to be admitted to hospital as a day case. Alternative techniques are mini-laparotomy with a small transverse suprapubic incision or, less commonly, through the posterior vaginal fornix (colpotomy). Mini-laparotomy is the technique of choice when the procedure is carried out post-natally (the uterus is enlarged and more vascular) and in developing countries where laparoscopic equipment is not available.

Essure® is a newer technique which is becoming popular. It involves insertion of metal springs into each Fallopian tube guided by the hysteroscope. Scar tissue grows round the metal springs and blocks the tubes. It can be performed under local anaesthetic or light sedation making it a cheaper and easier option than conventional laparoscopic sterilization.

Vasectomy involves the division of the vas deferens on each side to prevent the release of sperm during ejaculation. It is technically an easier and quicker procedure than female sterilization and is usually performed under local anaesthesia. Various techniques exist to block the vas, and their effectiveness is related primarily to the skill and experience of the operator. Vasectomy differs from female sterilization in that it is not effective immediately. Sperm will still be present higher in the genital tract and azoospermia is therefore achieved more quickly if there is frequent ejaculation. Men should be advised to hand in two samples of semen at 12 and 16 weeks to see if any sperm are still present. If two consecutive samples are free of sperm, the vasectomy can be considered complete. An alternative form of contraception must be used until that time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An introduction to erectile dysfunction

An erection is the stiffening of the male sex organ which occurs during sexual arousal. On the other hand, ED or erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and/or maintain a hard erection (in more than 3 months) sufficient for uninterrupted sexual intercourse. This condition is not considered normal in any age and needs to be taken care of. Men at any age should be able to reach an erection, with less or more stimuli.

The most common diseases and health problems that lead to erectile dysfunction
- Diabetes – between 30% and 75% of diabetes patients have erectile dysfunction and this number is increasing with the aging process.
- Hypertension or high blood pressure – One in ten people suffering from hypertension have ED.
- Depression and other psychological disorders
- Neurological diseases and injuries like spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis.
- Surgery and radiation therapy in the pelvic area can also lead to temporary or even permanent erectile dysfunction. The use of certain drugs and medications can also lead to the onset of this condition.
- The psychogenic influence on the formation of erectile dysfunction today is more present than ever. Modern lifestyle often leads to ED.

What should we do when we notice that we have improper erection?
The first thing you should do is to answer some important questions. For example, do you have a desire to extend the use of medications and new techniques? Are you motivated enough for an active sex life? Do you get the support from your partner?

Given that about 50% of cases of erectile dysfunction occur as a result of a combination of organic diseases and mental disorders, it is necessary to discuss with your partner and with your doctor after that. In this way you can determine the real cause of your problem. Learn more about it then you may know the way to treat impotent naturally.

The primary goal is to determine whether there is existence of some organic cause for the emergence of ED. During the medical examination it is necessary to determine the existence of anatomical changes in the reproductive system which can lead to ED. For example, testicles with smaller size, presence of plaques on the penile structure, prostate cancer are some of the reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction. It is also necessary to perform full blood analysis and determine the level of PSA – a specific prostate antigen – and testosterone level too. Finally, it is crucial to share these problems with your partner and it would be advisable to consult your doctor once in a while.

Final thoughts
When you finally decide to determine the reasons for ED, you must be aware of the specifics of this problem and the causes. However, because of the fact that erectile dysfunction directly affects the quality of life in men and their partners; we should never ignore the warning signs. Although only 25% of cases are related to some organic disease and half of them experience combinations of organic and psychogenic factors, the very existence of organic disease affects the psychological condition of a person and the sex life cannot be consumed completely.

This is why it is very important to visit a doctor as soon as possible and to ask for your partner’s support and help. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Few Things You Should know About Anal Sex

There are many myths and delusions associated to anal sex and that’s why it is a good idea to learn more about this type of sexual intercourse. These tips will help you learn the experience and protect yourself from injuries. It will improve sexual health, make sex life more and more interesting.

Anal sex is not actually painful, but only if it is practiced in the right way
Since the anus itself has a huge number of nerve endings, due to improper treating it can be a source of pain. However, if it is performed right it can bring great pleasures. When it comes to penetration, anal muscles contact in a way like they are creating resistance. The pain will occur only when the partners don’t wait for these muscles to relax. If they are relaxed and if they use lubricants, the penetration will be painless.

Anal penetration is the least practiced form of anal sex
There are many ways in which we can experience anal pleasure. According to many people, the most practiced form is caressing the anus during masturbation, vaginal or oral sex. Some people enjoy feeling the fingers, while others prefer the use of anal vibrators or plugs. Analingus is also very popular among young people.

The anus is surrounded by two muscle sphincters
The anus is surrounded by an external muscle sphincter, which can be freely relaxed or tensed by any individual and internal muscle sphincter, which is managed by the subconscious bodily reaction system. This system is responsible for things like heart rates and response to stress. This muscle can be relaxed only when our body is completely focused on having anal sex.

You can always start enjoying anal sex even if it was uncomfortable in the past
The very sexual desire to have anal sex is not necessarily a guarantee for true sexual pleasure. Chronic tension in the anus is one of the main reasons for discomfort during anal sex (constipation, hemorrhoids etc.). This tension can be removed by learning more about the anus. The most ideal opportunity to do so is during a shower or a bath through masturbation when the body is completely relaxed. In addition, deep breathing can also relax anal muscles. When an individual learns how to relax the anal muscles, anal sex becomes completely painless.

Anal stimulation can lead to intense orgasm
The truth is that only a small number of people experience orgasm during anal sex. Most often, they experience anal orgasm when they are stimulating the vagina or penis at the same time.

Anal stimulation provides different kinds of pleasure
Anal pleasure can be mental or physical in their nature. In men, a source of pleasure may be pressure on the prostate no matter if we are talking about massage with the fingers, use of vibrator or homosexual intercourse. When it comes to mental pleasures, we are talking about the excitement caused by the feeling of breaking some taboos.

Nutrition affects pleasures caused by anal sex
Nutrition can play a significant role on the way we experience anal sex. It is best to eat food that doesn’t interfere the digestive process. Otherwise, penetration can only intensify the discomfort due to the tension in the digestive system. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Top five herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is emergent in this era, being a source of trouble to happy homes. However, a correlate of vascular diseases, its major cause remains a novel for many. Clinical studies explain its psychological implications, with the attempt of medical cures. Although the cure is far from reality, herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction seems the best alternative, owing to the side effects of conventional medicine. Here are the five herbal sexual enhancer for erectile dysfunction.
1. Ginseng
With its origin in Korea, Scholars suggest its benefits in the stimulation of the male sexual function. Its roots, red are steamed then dried. In a study conducted in men with erectile dysfunction, the Ginseng herb relieved the symptoms bringing enhanced penile rigidity. Though its physiology is a mystery, it thought to promote the production of nitric oxide
2. Pomegranate Juice
Pomegranate juice, an antioxidant has abundant health benefits including reduction of risk for vascular diseases. Scientists have evidence in a study published in 2007, showing the effectiveness of this juice. It is beneficial in prolonging the active phase of erection.
3. Yohimbe
This is one of the ancient herbs used before the invention of Viagra medications. Barks from the tree are of benefit. They contain an alkaloid called Yohimbine that is a sexual booster. However, an original of the conventional “Yohimbine hydrochloride” type of drug, its use is gradually fading. It is because of its incomplete effectiveness and potency in comparison to the pharmaceutical version one. It is associated to trigger blood pressure, a reason why it is discouraged.
4. Horny goat weed
Horny goat weed and other related herbs have been using to treat impotent for several years in Italy. Researchers found out that, it contained an active compound called icariin, with similar mechanisms of action as Viagra. Other related herbs include the Ginkgo biloba whose use arouses men and women. It increases blood flow to the genitals thereby sexually arousing an individual. However, researchers have published varied information on the use of this herb, a reason for its limited use.
5. Watermelon Juice
Watermelon juice has benefits to men with erectile dysfunction. Taking a cold slice of watermelon, or its juice alternatively helps in prolonged sexual function. Watermelon has an amino acid called Citrulline that is in high concentrations. Taking this supplementation improves the erectile function by increasing blood flow to the penis.
Though its use is effective, caution should be taken.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Psychological treatment of sexual dysfunction

Specific treatment recommendations are treatment of sexual dysfunction. Many disorders will respond to pharmacological treatment. However, treatment of a broad range of sexual dysfunction may need more structured psychological treatment. In this form of treatment the couple is seen together whenever possible.

There are three stages:
(i) Improving communication,
(ii) Education
(iii) Graded activities’.

1 Improving communication has two main aims: (i) to help the couple to talk more freely about their problems and (ii) to increase each partner’s understanding of the wishes and feelings of the other. These aims may be appropriate to various kinds of problems. For example, a woman may believe that her partner should know instinctively how to please her during intercourse; she may then interpret his failure to please as lack of affection rather than as the result of her not communicating her wishes to him. Alternatively, the man may wish the woman to take a more active role in intercourse but be unable to say this to her. A further aim of this stage of treatment is to enable the couple to achieve a general relationship that is more affectionate and satisfying.

2 Education focuses on important aspects of the male and female sexual responses; examples are the longer time needed for a woman to reach sexual arousal, and the importance of foreplay, including clitoral stimulation, in bringing about vaginal lubrication. Suitably chosen books on sex education can reinforce the therapist’s advice. Educational counselling is often the most important part to treat erectile dysfunction, and it may need to be repeated when the couple have made some progress with the graded activities described next.

3 Graded activities begin by negotiating with the couple a mutually agreed ban on full sexual intercourse. The couple are encouraged instead to explore the pleasure that each can give the other by tender physical contact. The partners are encouraged to caress each other but not to touch the genitalia at this stage. When they can achieve caressing in a relaxed way that gives enjoyment to each partner, the next stage is genital foreplay without penetration. When genital foreplay can be enjoyed by both partners,the next stage is the resumption of full intercourse in a gradual and relaxed way, in which the partner with the greater problem sets the pace. In this stage a graduated approach starts with ‘vaginal containment’, in which the penis is inserted gradually into the vagina without thrusting movements. When this graded insertion is pleasurable for both partners, movement is introduced, usually by the woman at first. At each stage, each partner is encouraged to find out and provide what the other enjoys. The couple are advised to avoid checking their own state of sexual arousal. Such checking is common among people with sexual disorder, and has the effect of inhibiting the natural progression of sexual arousal to intense orgasm. Each partner should be encouraged to allow feelings and physical responses to develop spontaneously whilst thinking of the other person.

Hormones have no place in the treatment of sexual dysfunction except in cases where there is a primary hormonal disorder. The overall results of sex therapy are that about a third of cases have a successful outcome and another third have worthwhile improvement. Patients with low sex drive generally have a poor outcome.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sleep Apnea Can Be A Risk Factor For Erectile Dysfunction?

A review of studies published in the September issue of the journal “Sleep and Breathing” suggests an association between erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, and obstructive sleep apnea - characterized by the interruption syndrome of breathing for more than 10 seconds during sleep.

According to experts at Tufts University in the United States, “Erectile dysfunction is a well-known entity with certain risk factors, which usually has a negative impact on quality of life.” And for them, obstructive sleep-disordered breathing would be among the possible risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

Assessing the scientific literature on the subject, the researchers found that there is evidence that these respiratory disorders induce a series of abnormalities in the neural regulation, hormonal and vascular that may contribute to the development of sexual problems.

The authors point out that, although more studies are needed for confirmation, several cases and the opinions of experts have contributed to show a fundamental relationship between apnea and erectile dysfunction.

With the analyses, the researchers concluded that the treatment of respiratory problem may help treat erectile dysfunction. Thus, it is recommended that patients with this sexual problem were evaluated for sleep quality.

This was the biggest study to date to exhibit a relationship between obstructive rest apnea and erectile disorder. Specialists at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York assessed 870 continuously enlisted men through a heart screening project. Patients were screened for obstructive sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction through clinical polls and were asked some information about their history of cardiovascular sickness, pulse, diabetes and smoking. The average age of the men involved in the study was 47 years, with an average BMI of 30.

63 percent of patients in the study were noted positive for obstructive sleep apnea, 5.6 percent had a past filled with diabetes, and 29 percent had a smoking history. This concluded that the probability for having OSA increase with the increase in the severity of erectile disorder.

While there gives off an impression of being an immediate connection in the sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and the advancement of ED, the regular covering components and shared danger elements make it to some degree hard to build up an unmistakable fundamental relationship. Both conditions are connected with aging, hypertension, and diabetes, which may jumble the genuine relationship between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction. Accordingly, some civil argument exists about whether OSA is an essential cause of ED or whether the two simply exist together because of comparable shared co-morbid fundamental elements.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Treatment for Sexual Problems

Maintain an erection during sex is a true male dilemma. This is one question for which most of the men are looking for an answer. However, with little change, practice and perseverance, a truly firm erection can be achieved. We ensure that the methods described here are based on real life experiences and industry knowledge of sexual consultants. Read through the article to find gems of information to solve your sexual problems forever.

 1. Eat Watermelon seeds
This is one trick known to be used by many porn actors. The watermelon seed is rich in Citrulline which, after ingested and metabolized, the blood arrives as nitric oxide. This is an important component in maintain hard erection, it is what relaxes the smooth muscle in the penis and provides the corpora cavernosa to fill with blood, thus leading to erection. In health food stores, you can buy roasted seeds. Prefer non-salty to avoid sodium intake in the body. How much you need to eat a day? 30 grams is enough, or two tablespoons. Another option is tea made with water 500ml or so juice, beating the pulp and the seeds in a blender, but without adding water or sugar.

2. Anesthetic Ointment
Once the penis to be erect, place a minimum amount of EMLA cream (found at any drugstore and cost about 30 dollars) on the foreskin of the penis, enough to cover the tip of a cotton swab. Do not cover the entire glans, not to let the totally insensitive penis. The intention is to decrease the sensitivity in the erogenous point of the penis.

3. Whiskey Doses if done well
Whiskey is an excellent peripheral vasodilator, thus allowing your penis to fill with blood and, as alcohol is quickly absorbs and blocks certain neurotransmitters in the nervous system. It greatly decreases the sensitivity in the extremities. That is, men take much longer to ejaculate during sex. An important note: fermented beverages such as beer, wine and champagne usually has the opposite effect, leaving the more flaccid penis than usual. In addition, whiskey two doses are enough. The whole bottle causes you powerlessness over the years.

4 Eat right
Look for lower fat intake, so there is no compromise on the blood vessels. The external pudendal artery, which takes blood from the heart straight to the penis, is so thin that it is the first artery in the body to become blocked. As the blood flow to the penis will shrink, the erection will be compromised. Men who have experienced situations reported signs of impotency two years before the stroke. So, understand, where there is excess fat there is no health. If impotency is coming, it is worth to diet and exercise. And for best performance, sex comes before dinner, after taking food your blood will be concentrated in digestion, especially if the food is heavy.

5. Change pace and frequency
During intercourse, if you keep the same momentum, the session will end fast. We need to change the pace and movement to decrease the excitement of the penis. The more frantic and consecutive are your movements; greater are the chances of you ejaculating quickly. Learn insinuating penetration in different ways, involving not only the usual movements, but also circular movements, not deep penetration. So when you think you're close to coming, control your anxiety, slow down and change the sex position. This may be a good time to perform oral sex on your partner, for example.

6. Deep breathing
About 5 seconds before ejaculating, tilt your head up and breathe deeply. The lungs fill with air and the pubis retracts, compressing the muscles around the base of the penis. The abdomen must remain retracted for about 5 seconds or more while the lungs remains filled with air. Breathing should slowly return to normal, while there is an exchange of motion and depth of penetration to shallower and slower movements. A warning here is not to get to the exact last second before using this technique because it can happen the ejaculatory process begin chemically in the brain and be physically blocked in the penis region. Therefore, if you wait till the very last second, the chemical process of ejaculation will already start in your brain and it will then be impossible for you to hold on to your ejaculation.

7. Erotic thoughts
The brain is the body's largest sex organ. It is in charge of sending the command to the heart to pump blood to the penis. This is the exact reason why imaging sex scenes cause erection in men. An obscene thought in your brain can lead to early ejaculation. Use this information to your advantage. When you are close to an orgasm, change your thinking by images in the brain. This will take some practice before you become perfect. Once you feel that the penis is losing its erection capacity, resume sexual thought. Another tactic to prevent ejaculation is close your eyes, because the shape of the woman's body increases your libido, thus speeding up the orgasmic process.

Start masturbation and when you feel that will ejaculate stop, slow down your breath, calm thinking and wait till your feeling of ejaculation subside. Resume masturbation again, stop often as you about to ejaculate. Practice this exercise continuously for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Do it 3-4 times a week at least. The purpose of this exercise is to educate and teach you to control anxiety at the time of pre-orgasm, so you learn to identify and stop the ejaculation process.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Prioritize Intimate Times

There are times that men find it difficult to maintain a hard erection. Well, as unfortunate as this is, there are events that lead to this point. Work related issues, lifestyle, stress and just simply falling out of love. These and many more are reasons why men fail to perform.

We all know one thing, however, failing to perform in the bedroom is the most embarrassing thing any man can encounter. Hence why we need to make sure that such a thing never happens. The question is, how do we ensure it doesn’t happen?

Fortunately, we have a solution. A simple but effective solution that will get you out of the sticky mess you are in, a solution that is better than any soft erection treatment

What is it?

Simple, prioritizing intimate time: Yes, by ensuring that you delete intimacy from the low activity list you will start having long, satisfying sexual encounters. Remember, intimacy is a critical element of any successful sexual relationship.

Unlike most animals, playfulness procreation sex is the minimal expression of our sexuality. It’s a fact that in every couple’s lifetime, they will engage in sexual activity for fun, more than they do for procreation.

When you value intercourse as your adult playtime and start thinking of ways to have fun while, at it, you will begin enjoying. Before, during and after, make sure you giggle or laugh, play around with one another, tease each other and most of all ensure that you please one another.

Pleasure Sex

Intimacy, sexual adventure is all about pleasure and not necessarily orgasms. To ensure that you are enjoying yourself and your partner is also having a wild time, focus your energy on giving pleasure as opposed to receiving pleasure.

Remove yourself from reaching orgasm goal and instead focus on achieving a total experience of both emotional and physical pleasure.

The Art of Pampering

Did you know, that you are more in the mood of having lengthy sexual pleasure when you are feeling right? Making sure that the two of you are upbeat about lovemaking is one way of activating the energy to enjoy sexual activity.

Remember, good sex takes time, you need to concentrate and put in some effort. These are ingredients that you need prime up if you want to deliver as well as receive absolute sexual pleasure. To play the part, you need to take time out for you.

Start by eradicating any stress, you may be suffering, involve yourself in body training activities, start taking part in activities that make you feel sexy and sensual about yourself. If you want to lose some weight to enhance your confidence, by all means create time to work out.

Find out how best you can create a connection with your partner. Better sex is all about quality connection. See to it that you are all reading from the same book inside and outside the bedroom.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Tantric Therapy in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions

There are a number of dysfunctions that plague men and women at different stages of intercourse. Lack of desire, arousal of disability, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, pain during intercourse, anorgasmia are just some of the evils that arise before, during or after sex. Although, some of these disorders actually have physiological origins, which lack surgical or pharmacological interventions, most of them are the result of traumatic experiences. In such cases, the most common is to recommend a treatment via psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. Continue reading this article and find out more about the Tantric therapy to help alleviate the problem of sexual dysfunction.

Tantric therapy
What few people know is that there are other ways, called alternative therapies that can help a lot in treating these disorders. The Tantric therapy is one of them. Through dynamic meditations, massages, experiences and other practices derived from Tantra, this form of therapy has proven very effective in dealing with such cases.

The mind and sex
There is something that helps most of these disorders to manifest; given the lack of education we have about human sexuality, we ended up transferring responsibility from the sexual centre of our body to our mind. Even during sex, we are caught imagining, fantasizing about sex, so that we are disassociated from the present moment. This influence of the mind in the process makes room for insecurities, fears and consequently the dysfunctions that come up.

And that's how the efficiency of Tantra treatments is justified. With their practices, meditation, massage and other resources, Tantra helps eliminate the influence of the mind, making the least thought of sex and more sense. We all have a chakra - energy centre - located at the base of the column that is our true sexual centre, but for lack of information and a wrong conditioning, it ends up being replaced by the mind. 

Once we do to reconnect with the energy of this chakra, which relearned to feel it, the body takes the energy driving this responsibility, leaving the quiet mind to contemplate the relationship with consciousness and awareness even more sharp. And in developing this process, various concepts and paradigms that had rooted in the head begin to fall apart. The breastplates that repress us, catching our bodies begin to dissolve and everything is more fluid. Thus, the confidence increases, the fear goes away and you can experience another level of sexual intercourse.

Deprogram concepts
The Tantric therapy helps to deprogram all these concepts that our mind imposes to our body. That touch that caused discomfort or shame that we have before own nakedness, all this will, little by little crumble while you delve into such practices. Thus, it is possible to know a new form of pleasure that does not depend of our mental stimulation, but that integrates our entire body. And the best about this treatment: no contraindications or side effect.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Young Men and Erectile Dysfunction

The Journal of Sexual Medicine in July of 2013 came up with a shocking study. The study revealed that maintain hard erection (erectile dysfunction) is now a common factor in many young men. Research done concluded that Ed affects 26% of adult men below 40 years of age.

What’s even worrying is the fact that almost half of the men suffer from severe premature ejaculation. The study indicates that today; the rate of Ed in young men matches the rate of premature ejaculation amongst older men.

Excessive smoking and use of drugs is to blame. Below we look at the main causes of erectile dysfunction amongst young men:

Physical and Psychological Effects

We start off by stating vividly that; the treatment of premature ejaculation causes, is likely to help resolve this problem. For some men, there are lifestyle changes that contribute a positive difference. Many more benefit from:

                    Soft Erection treatment and various forms of treatment

Experts suggest that ignoring premature ejaculation is not a wise decision. The reason being; ED can be a sign that you are suffering from various health issues.

Cardiovascular Effects

To get an erection; one requires a healthy circulation of blood. Atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), are known to cause premature ejaculation. Moreover; high blood pressure also causes ED.

Medical experts also suggest that erectile dysfunction in some instances is a sign of diabetes. Reason; high blood glucose damages blood vessels. It aggravates vessels that supply the penile gland with blood during an erection.

Obesity also plays a critical role in the foundation of hypertension and diabetes. Young men that are overweight are asked to take steps to shed off the extra weight.

Psychological Effects

To achieve an erection; sexual excitement is a feeling that triggers the brain, which sends a message to the penile gland. Unfortunately; conditions such as; anxiety and depression interfere with the erection process.

As a matter of fact; a significant depression sign is the withdrawal from things that brought sexual pleasure once. More stress stemming from things such as:

                    Job security

And various concerns all contribute to Erectile Dysfunction. Alcohol and drug abuse are major causes of premature ejaculation in many young men. Moreover; problems and poor communication with a sexual partner leads to sexual dysfunction in men and women.

Hormonal Effects

                    Low testosterone level and many other types of hormonal disorders profoundly contribute to erectile dysfunction
                    The pituitary gland produces a hormone known as prolactin that also plays a role in ED
                    Premature ejaculation is also caused by either high or low thyroid hormonal levels
                    Young men who use steroids for the purpose of gaining muscle mass are a high risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction

Conclusion: the mentioned above points are some of the reasons why many young men today suffer from erectile dysfunction. The best way to beat it is by avoiding them and sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Simple and Fast Ways To Maintain Hard Erection

To ensure that you have a long lasting erection; start by figuring out why your penis does not fully erect. Natural and science backed facts claim that sex is a healthy body by-product. If you fail to take care of your health, you risk ruining your sex life!
A partial erection can result from various causes. Some of the major causes include:
                    Medical conditions
                    Poor eating habits
                    Lack of exercise
                    Excessive drinking
                    Smoking and drug use
See to it that you go for check-ups from a urologist to ascertain that there is nothing medical that stands in your way to good health.

Psychosomatic Problems

Psychological problems including performance anxiety and insecurity significantly affect erections. Should such feelings become part of your sexual routine; you are better off discussing their origins with a therapist.
A therapist will assist you to get to the bottom of these issues. Within good time, you will be able to get rid of the demons that haunt you. The more therapy sessions you attend, the higher the chances of regaining your hard on erection and improve sexual performance. 

Soft Erection Treatment

As far as soft erection treatment is concerned; there is no magic pill that will help create the perfect erection for every man. The blue pill is an option for men with incomplete erections. The incompleteness results from reduced blood flow in the genital region.
If you take away reduced blood flow and still suffer from incomplete erections as a reason of any factors above; Viagra may not be the best option for you. It’s time you went on the pharmaceutical drugs and settled on herbal medicine.

Try herbs such as ginkgo and ginseng; they are known as herbal products that enhance arousal and stimulates sexual desire. That said, however; seek medical guidance from your doctor before you start any herbal regimen.
Extensive research is still underway to ascertain the herbal medicine claims. But we believe that so long as the herbs don’t interfere negatively with any prescription medication you are taking; they can be a helpful addition.

In Conclusion

Before signing off; we would like to remind you that your penis size and firmness are not the determining factor in sexually satisfying your partner. To make her enjoy the coitus session; indulge her in oral and manual stimulation.

Again; make love to her using positions that allow you to have maximum thrusting potential. Woman on top and doggy style are two maximum thrust positions you should give precedence to. So long as you can address your partner’s sexual needs and desires, she will be more than satisfied.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

How Diabetes Can Affect Erectile Dysfunction in Men

The nerves that control internal organs are called autonomic nerves. These nerves are not dependent on your willingness to send signals to the brain as it usually happens when you lift an arm, blink or walk from one place to another. These are the nerves that give commands to your body to breathe or to digest what you eat. Autonomic nerves are responsible for the body's response to sexual stimulation. The erection is performed by autonomic nerve signals that cause increased blood flow to the genitals. When uncontrolled diabetes damages the nerves and small blood vessels, the normal function of the sexual organs are affected.

How diabetes can affect male sexuality?
Changes in sexual function and annoying bladder symptoms are common during the aging process. Diabetic patients may face an early onset of sexual and urologic complications. Glucose levels recommended by the National Coordinator Diabetes Information Centre (NDIC, for its acronym in English) range from 70-130 before meals and less than 180 an hour or two after starting to eat. When glucose level in the blood are elevated for an extended period of time, it begin to damage blood vessels and nerves, also affecting the signals to the autonomic nerves and thus the blood flow to the genitals.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
The ED is a disability to have and maintain a hard erection from the beginning to the end of the sexual act or sexual intercourse. Diabetic men are two to three times more likely to have erectile dysfunction than those who are not diabetic. Men with diabetes may experience erectile dysfunction between 10-15 years earlier than non-diabetic men.

The high blood pressure, blood vessel disease, kidney disease, and hormonal deficiencies are other factors to have erectile dysfunction. Poor health habits such as alcoholism, smoking and obesity could also affect erection as psychological factors. The use of some medications to treat heart disease and depression, among others, could also be the cause of erectile disorder.

Retrograde ejaculation
It occurs when part or all of the semen instead of coming out through the tip of the penis during ejaculation goes into the bladder or internal sphincter muscles open and close automatically. These are responsible for blocking the flow of blood to the penis to stay erect during sex for ejaculation and those responsible for closing the duct access to the bladder so that semen is expelled through the penis.

When you suffer from retrograde ejaculation, semen enters the bladder and mixed with urine. The semen is expelled through urine. This condition does not affect the bladder, but brings infertility.

Urological conditions
Among the most common are: overactive bladder, uncontrolled sphincter muscles, urinary retention and urinary tract infections. Because of damage to nerve terminals, the bladder contracts without notice. This disorder is known as overactive bladder. When you suffer from overactive bladder, you urinate more frequently than normal, you feel strong and sudden desires and experience drip.
The sphincter muscles are located around the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body, or urethra. When these muscles are damaged, it can cause involuntary leakage of urine when an individual wishes to urinate.

Due to damage of the nerve endings of the bladder, muscles do not get the signal that it is up to urinate, or the signal is very weak and fail to empty the bladder completely. If the bladder is too full pressure can affect the kidneys. When urine stays in the bladder too long can cause infections.

Avoid the risk
For urological disorders, erectile dysfunction and infertility not affect your sex life and health, you must:
·         keep your glucose levels stable
·         keep LDL or "bad" cholesterol below 100
·         keep blood pressure below 130/80
·         control your weight through dieting to look after your heart and diabetes
·         If you drink, do so in moderation
·         Avoid smoking
·         Train yourself daily

Sometimes due to an embarrassment or indignity, patients do not prefer to treat these health conditions related to their sexual organs and bladder. The delay in treating these conditions can cause serious complications. Talk to your doctor if you notice changes in your sex life.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why Men Have Problems For Delaying Ejaculation?

Most men cannot last long in bed because they believe that there is nothing that can be done to influence the time they last, i.e., delay ejaculation. It's really quite simple to understand that. Almost all men who cannot last long in bed assume that there is nothing they can do to delay ejaculation. 

The most common reasons we hear about why men think they cannot delay ejaculation are:
·        It's the fault of their genes, he thinks he was born that way;
·        It has always been so, therefore, it cannot change in the future;
·        The penis size is not big enough;
·        They tried to change it (in ways that made no sense), once or twice, and it did not work, so it should not be possible to change;
·        That's what their women are making it happen;
·        They are very young ... or too old;

·        They believe all men experience early ejaculation problem, so it is fine.
But the truth is ... these are all excuses to not to learn to apply the methods and proven techniques to delay ejaculation. It’s not like men who say these things are all incapable. It’s just pointing out that all this is just excuses, and you cannot make excuses nothing to believe in something that is not true.

Some people may come with complex reasoning behind these excuses (making it appear that they are valid), but later at the end of the day, they are still just excuses.
These "reasons" are just excuses given by people who are not willing to work on the resolution of their problem to delay ejaculation. For example, if you tell yourself, “I cannot last long in bed because I was born this way”, then you just give yourself a good reason not to try anything. And the big problem of these excuses is that you will never be able to stop premature ejaculation.

The only reason that people still do it (consciously or unconsciously) is what psychology calls “secondary gains”. In this case, you do not have to solve the problem, but it has a kind of “comfort” to try to believe that there is nothing you can do to delay ejaculation. That is, the fault is not yours; it's just something with destiny.

So often people feel comfortable with their excuses and it prevents them from acting. However, if you want to have an amazing sex life, where you can have fun in bed and be able to give an incredible sexual pleasure and lasting for your wife, then you have to put aside your excuses. So, do so now. Take a second of your time to ask "Why I think I am not able to delay ejaculation?"

Accept that's just an excuse and that any logical reason you gave for it has no validity (as good as it is). The excuse is not a good enough reason not to implement proven strategies that will greatly improve your sexual life.

It's time to act and learn to delay ejaculation to last longer in bed and experience the many benefits that come with it. Now, if you accepted that you can change this situation and decided to do it, but do not know what you need to do, then continue to check online (books and articles on Premature Ejaculation and Tantric Sex) and thus, you will find the path that you are looking for.

And, if you are ready to follow the steps to lasting longer in bed, congratulations, you just about to join the list of people who have had success and changed their sexual lives forever.