sex machine

sex machine

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sex competition

I always tell people that sex machine is not that awesome, I think hell lot of people can have sex for long time. So what? We are not here to have a competition for who can have sex for the longest time. You can have sex for an hour so what? You have a 9 inch penis, so what? Size does matter? You have a big penis doesn't mean you can make the girl happy. It's like the F1 Formula race, you have the best engine, so what, you may still lose because of the tire, driver or even the weather. What we are trying to tell you here is that you may not even satisfy the girl, give her an orgasm even if you can fuck for one or two hour. The love making process can be short but it may still give her an orgasm or two to satisfy her sexual needs. The mindset have to be changed, don't be arrogant and think that you have 6 packs, good looking then you may make her feel good. There are heel lots of things to take care of. But I don't mean that about your part, but the part that the girls care about. Before the F1 actual race, they have 1 day to try the circuit and learn about it. Same thing is sex, you have to learn more about the girl, what she likes, what she prefer. You may make her so happy even before the sex. Earn the point before you really go into sex, then the rest will work in your favour if you do your homework well. Yes, you need to do some homework for a nice sex.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sex Pill

Went to Thailand last week, it's damn fun. I stay there for a week. I didn't plan any trip to visit any place, I have been there before. This time it's just for relax. The trip is really relax, basically I just read a book that I brought along and newspaper in the coffee shop every morning after my breakfast. After that I will just walk around taking pictures, eat anything that look interested and go to the local pub at night.

Will have chance to hang out with local thai girls if I'm lucky enough. And I have 3 lucky nights here to have sex with these pretty sexy thai girls. I brought these 2 sex pill that I bought online, Activ-Homme and Maxidus. I think I have the link here in my blog, you may check it if you are interested in these sex pills. Actually I don't really need these herbal sexual enhancer for sex, but I just prepared for the worst. I took one of it when I felt so tired during the holiday. I took it just because it was a crazy night for me, I just finish all my energy at the club. But I have this little young girl with me, I will need the sex pill to give me some energy to have sex with the hottie. It was the first time I took it, I got it from a friend of mine. The result is quite good, but you will have to take it an hour earlier in order to perform on time. I took it in the club, so it was on time to perform, I have stronger erection while the girl give me a strip. Luckily the sex pill can act well.

I like this place so much just because it's so cheap, your retirement can last 3 times longer compare to other advance cities and the girls are so friendly. The lifestyle here is just so relax, food, beer, sex, fun and repeat. I will come over here for retired. This is heaven for me, ok it's for everyone. Have I mention the food and the beach? The beach are just full of hotties from all over the world, you may kissing someone from Holland today and lying on bed with an English tomorrow. It's an international city and everyone is coming here to have fun.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Basic thing of Sex Machine

The ultimate sex machine. This is more or less the dream of every man. Maybe the sex machine is not the dream of all the guys but sure most of the men out there. There are only a few sure success way to become a sex machine. One of the sure success to become a sex machine is those sex pills, those pills that cure erectile dysfunction or sexual enhancement. These sex enhancement pills like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra are the prescribe medicine, and some herbal sexual enhancer like Activ Homme, A1Satibo that use Ginseng, Tongkat ali, the herbs for sexual enhancement that used by Asian for few centuries.

Other than using these sexual enhancement pill, Exercise and take good care of your own health is the best way of becoming a sex machine. Exercise like jogging, slow run, swimming, group exercise like table tennis, tennis, basketball, baseball and others sports that you like. Taking good care of your health in not only about sport, resting is another important thing. Have good sleep and entertainment that can release your stress, it's a balance of life that you have to take care of. Stress is a very big health killer, as the work life and finance is putting pressure on every single one of us. Stress management is important as well. Don't just work, it's only part of your life, and if you are just working without any rest, you won't go far. Entertainment and good rest is the only thing that can balance your life when comes with stress. All these things is the main criteria to balance your life and make you a sex machine.

Monday, July 26, 2010

How to be a sex machine

Ever saw the slogan of BMW? The ultimate driving machine. Here we are sharing about becoming a sex machine. I'm sure that many of you have watch those sex machine in the porn, those guys with big penis and able to fuck like a sex machine, making love for an hour. So how they did it? Well I can tell you that most of the porn star can fuck for an hour just because of the editor, they can always continue if the guy orgasm and ejaculate. What they do is just cut the ejaculation part and continue in another angle.

If you want to be a sex machine, look for a pretty girl friend! Sure you will feel high when you see your pretty girl friend in you favourite kind of lingerie. Sure you will see the trailer of Salt if you have been to the cinema lately. Saw Angelina Jolie in the trailer? Admiring her long legs and big tits? This is the kind of hot girl friend that you need. Imagine Angelina Jolie is teasing you now, how can you not become a sex machine, you can fuck her again and again without stop, your penis won't even want to stop for a rest. No idea how Angelina Jolie is looking like when she is nude? Search online now, she have been nude in a few movies, wonder she will ever do it again to show us her nude body.

Those love making scene is excited, it can help you maintain hard erection when you are looking at it. Well, while you are making love with hotties like Angelina Jolie, don't forget to think about Susan Boyle. Your cock maybe hard as rock when you are making love with pretty girl, but you may ejaculate fast as well, thinking of nude fat lady may distract you thus may lengthen your love making time. But don't take too long until you lost the energy and mood for sex.

There are a lot of little trick that you may use to help you lasting longer in bed:
1. Change position before you are going to ejaculate, but don't change it too often.
2. Hold your penis to reduce the urge, hug and kiss her during that hold then continue again after 30 seconds or a minute depend on your own preference.
3. Get her on top, this will help you to lower your sensitivity and this will help you to last longer.

These are some little tricks that I share, and there are a lot more, just check in our blog here.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sex Party Pill

:) The sex party is a very attractive topic for ALL the guys, not sure about the girls. I can assure you the guys is always more than the girls. Have you attend any party like this, the guys mouth is watering while the girls are dressing so hot and sexy, the look already tells you that they wanna have sex tonight, they are waiting for you to have sex with them. After some drinks, all the people is feeling high and you have a chance to pick up a girl and take her into the room. When you finally hope to have sex with her, your penis is just not erect hard, it's so soft and you have a problem to have sex probably. This kind of situation mostly cause by the alcohol and also you are tired as most of the parties like this held at night. You may have some penis pill that can make you erect hard and longer lasting, but alcohol still have to reduce if you want to enjoy the sex. These pills normally work within an hour, so you can take it with you to the party.

After you have sex with the girl, you go back down to have a great party with your friend again. And your friends are having a gang bang in the living room. Are you gonna be the one who watch beside or are you going to join them? After all these your penis maybe to tired to fuck again. And yes, the pills are there for you again. You can perform your hard rock penis again. And becareful, most of these pills will have problem when mix with alcohol, so you have to sacrifice a bit alcohol so that it won't clash with each other and kill you.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Heart and Sex

Obviously we are going to talk about sex and heart in this topic, well how did all these started? It went back few days while I was in the office. I was talking to a client of mine that day and suddenly he told me that I have gain some weight after some these few months. I'm kinda frustrated with this as I have been taking care about the food I eat everyday and make sure it's not too oily or fat. Although I don't exercise often but on and off I will go to jog or hiking to burn some fat, but looks like it's not working at all. At the most important thing is that I use the stair instead of lift everyday, it's not working as well. And I have share this with my client, and he told me one thing, walk the stair is useless as you are walking it slowly, you have to walk fast and make your heart beat faster. It's like a hit on my head, hey, why didn't I realised it after I have do it for such a long time? It does make sense right? It's like walking alone is not going to burn much calories and also not working the body enough to strengthen the muscle. You have to jog, slow run to make your heart beat and it will pump your heart and lung as well, then only your blood will run around the body and burn calories at the same time.

I have read an article showing that slow run at a single speed is not so effective as running in a few speed. For example, you run 10km/hour for 1 hour may burn 500 calories, but if you mix it up with 2 session of 15km/hour for 5minutes, the calories will burn up 600++ at the same time, it's 20% increase. Now you know, you can exercise smarter as well. What is this going to do with Sex machine? Don't you know that stronger heart equals to better sex? Work hard now and you can have better sex as well.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ultimate Sex Machine!

Want to be the ultimate sex machine? You have the chance now, and this is the thing that gonna help you to gain your sex life back like when you are young. When you can have sex 3 times a day or even 5 times a day. Is it possible? Yes it is possible! Of course it depends on your health as well. The thing that we are talking about here is the herbal pill that can treat erection dysfunction, premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction. It works like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra but without the side effect as it's a herb base sex pill. It can boost your energy and let you gain your sexual strength in just an hour.

The main ingredient in the pills in Tongkat Ali, which is a herb that is popular in the south east asia for it's penis enhancement effect. This is the traditional herb that is popular for a decade and now we have use this traditional formula to in our new product. And yes you may get it without hassle and with just a few clicks away. All this is pack into a pill that can be taken easily. Read it yourself now.

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