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Sunday, January 25, 2015

What Every Teenager Has To Know About Contraception

Sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy can cause major changes in the life of every teenager. That’s why teens need to think thoroughly about the possible consequences before they engage in any kind of sexual relationship. On the other hand, teens that are sexually active need to think about the method of contraception and protection from sexually transmitted diseases in order to preserve their health and their partner’s health too. It is not smart to get involved in unsafe sex.

Keep in mind that only one sexual intercourse is enough for a girl to get pregnant or transmission of a disease. Sexually active teens, regardless of whether we are talking about girls or boys, who are not using protection, are exposed to 90% chances of conception within a year.

If you are a teen and even if you are planning to abstain, make sure to get enough information about all types of birth control that are available. Try to find information on methods that can protect you from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, learn more about birth control techniques and how to use condoms etc. Although you may not feel comfortable to talk about sex and contraception with your parents, peers or teachers, but it is very important that you know all about safe sex and protection in order to be well prepared to enter the world of sexuality and make sure that your health is perfectly safe.

The best contraceptive method that you can rely on is the one that can be used in easiest way every time you have an intercourse. You should regularly visit your doctor to make sure that the selected method works properly and if you notice any side effects that make the whole procedure difficult share this with your doctor. Maybe the method you are using is inadequate and not the best for you.

Some of the girls are worried about their first visit to a gynecologist who is the only person who can prescribe birth control pills. Don’t be afraid of this visit and talk with the doctor about every step of the exam because this is the only way to eliminate fear. If you are already practicing sexual intercourses, it is extremely important to take a test for sexually transmitted diseases. This is something that you should do at least once a year. Some of these tests are conducted by providing urine samples. Now lets’ check some of the popular and efficient methods of contraception.

First of all, abstinence or refraining from sex is the most effective method of preventing pregnancy and diseases. Condom/ preservative is a method that largely protects against pregnancy if it contains spermicides. If the condom breaks, you will need emergency contraception.  This form of contraception is used in the event when all forms of contraception fail. Post-coital contraception must be used within 72 hours from the unprotected sexual intercourse. It should be noted that the popular morning after pill is extremely effective, but it comes with certain side effects. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Enjoy a rather Kinkier Sex Session Tonight

Nobody needs help from experts such as Christian Grey to have their sex life lifter to kinkier heights. No-longer is it a taboo to discuss issues such as blindfolds and handcuffs in the society we are living in today.

We are living in a bold new world where stigma together with ball gags are a thing of the past. Nowadays, when it comes to sex, people are much more creative and spontaneous to say the least. The more partners are will to inject excitement in their sexual relationships the higher their satisfactory levels reach.

If you have the belief that you are truly ready, below are several statements that you should answer to yourself whether to be true or false. This is the only way you will be sure of the kind of adventure that lies in waiting for you…

Kinky Translated To Sex Life Feeling of a Saw Sequel

This is a false statement. When you decide to go kinky, it doesn’t mean that you have to include nipple clamps and leather in the session. It doesn’t mean that you have to be fearful for sex to stimulate. Experts agree that the most prominent kinky sex moves are moves that are the least freaky.
Surveys show that a 61% of people trying to be freaky use sex toys, 54% engage in spanking, 11% engage in fetishes and 19% of people embroil themselves in role playing.

Twisted Is What You Ought To Be To Have Fun with Kinky Sex

This is a true Statement. There are many individuals that enjoy a bit of rough play. Back in 2013, a survey conducted by Lovehoney Sex Toy Company discovered that of their 3 of 4 clients had tied up a partner. 1 of 5 clients had used a gag and 1 of 6 confessed that bondage was part of their kinky sex sessions.
That said however, a much more sexual gauge that is productive is discovering whether the thing that you are doing will make you feel good about yourself and if whether it will bolster your relationship. Think about it…

Discuss Any Kinky Activity with Your Partner before hand

Another false statement. But still, it does make a lot of sense to chat albeit quickly especially if you are trying out the two of you for the very first time. That said however, you can leave the talk and allow things to take part slowly but progressively.

All you have to do is be more playful in bed and surely you will get it done. Experts suggests that a flirtatious manner used when dropping subtle hints is a better way as opposed to jumping all the way in. the man should use things such as her makeup brush all over her body to find out where the touch makes her quaver and yearn for more…

Wait…Anal No-longer A Big Deal within Partners?

Also another True statement. Before you gasp just know one thing, numerous surveys have brought back reports suggesting that nowadays, the back door is increasingly being open. A survey conducted in 2008 by McBride of heterosexual men registered 18% of them confessing that they had had anal sexual encounter with their female partners.
Again another recent study done proved that over 50% of men had sometime in their lifetime had anal sex with their female sexual partners!

We Often Agree What Is and What Isn’t Kinky

A very False Statement. Just like the adage one man’s meat is another man’s poison, the same applies to kinky. What makes me hot and wild is what makes you yawn. There are men who find a woman on top to be a kinky thing.
Trying out four to five sexual positions is no-longer deemed as kinky, no. Just try something new that you haven’t tried before. If it’s introducing a toy up her butt as you go in and out of her, or beads that you pull out of her butt and you haven’t tried before do it and see whether it will be your new kinky thing!

Pinch Her As Much As You Are Willing To Be Pinched Also

The truth has been spoken. If you want to be successful, see to it that she is registered as your co-conspirator. Great sex involves a great deal of compromise. Begin the session with simple verbal fantasizing.

This is the time you have sex as you discuss more on various explicit acts. This is the time that the two of you get to discuss extreme things and still enjoy the raunchy sexual session.

Will I Wake Up With Marks on My Body?

False. There are certain kinky moves such as spanking that leave you with temporary effects. However the key lies within where you hit. Make sure that your hit is over flesh, muscle and never bone. Various other perfect spots for aiming at include the upper back and the shoulders.
A flogger, more specifically a cat-o-nine-tails is best. Make sure that you keep the area warmed up before striking and keep away from spots that are sensitive such as the kidneys and the neck area.

Positions of Old with Newer Twists

Thank us for bringing you fresh and creative ways that you can use as an update to some of the over used sexual moves…

Missionary Style

This is the time that you ought to position her legs straight up against your chest as opposed to the bed. Next pull her legs in a gently manner upwards as you enter her. This change will help you discover a much easier time stimulating both her clitoris and her G-spot.
Another option is to ensure that your scoot your body much closer allowing the base of your penis to stimulate her clitoris, then add a bit of rocking as you thrust her.

Woman on Top

Using pillows, prop yourself up at the bed’s head. This way, you will make it easier for her to hold on the headboard allowing her to get the much needed support. This is a sex position that makes it much easier for her to be in full control of the depth as well as the rhythm.
Another option is doing your best to grip her legs as she does the reverse cowgirl maneuver. This is a chance for you to experience the unforgettable view. She on the other hand will end up feeling sexier and outgoing.

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The Man From Behind

To make this a new maneuver, you should have her crouching on the bed while her torso remains upright. You should then position her back against your chest. This is a much easier way that you will be able to touch her.

This is the time in which her hands will be free and she can use them for self-pleasure.

Another option is to place a pillow underneath her thighs and hips. This is a sure way of altering your penetration depth.