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sex machine

Monday, December 22, 2014

Herbal Sexual Enhancer for Penis Enhancement

Penis enlargement and premature ejaculation are two of the most common sexual disorders that the men were grieved these days. Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder in which a man, usually in their early forties, experience premature or quick ejaculation during sexual encounter. If it is such an occurrence at each joint of one in two, then the couple should seek premature ejaculation cream or any kind of medical help.

Moreover, most men in today are becoming more aware of the size of their manhood. This is understandable since they only want the best for their wives, meaning those who are insufficient in this respect often find themselves wondering how to get their hands on one treatment that is effective for penis enlargement.

This is the reason why premature ejaculation and penis enlargement dietary options are popular these days. They are used by health conscious people and such remedies are organic as it uses natural ingredients and therefore have no significant side effects.
Two of the most sought after remedies are herbal Eurycoma longifolia (commonly called tongkat ali or pasak bumi) and ginseng which are ideal for erectile dysfunction. These remedies naturally promote a significant improvement in blood flow in the body, allowing men to have complete control of their ejaculation and enjoy firm erection. This is aside from the fact that these herbal sexual enhancer are generally healthy as they work to tone your entire physical body.

When it comes to herbal remedies meant for the treatment of penis enlargement, there is a very popular Indian ginseng which has been used for a long time and is known to be a very effective male enhancer. In fact, many users have already witnessed its overall effectiveness as a treatment of male reproductive sex, not only to achieve penis enlargement, but also in helping to firm the penis and maintain hard erection during intercourse.

Of course, in the guidelines for the treatment of sexual organ, it is rule that these herbal cures should be taken with caution and under the supervision of a licensed health professional. Although one of the advantages of this treatment on other types i.e. grass treatment is naturally and has minimal side effects in the human body.

Remedies for herbal penis enlargement and premature ejaculation are in fact very effective as treatments for sex. Deliver positive results in most cases where the men prove to completely satisfy their partner during sexual intercourse. However, it should be noted that while relatively safe, you still have to be careful especially if you have other health conditions or taking other medications.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Penis Enlargement Techniques That Works

There is a lot of information and a great deal of disinformation on the internet these days about penis enlargement techniques. With this proliferation of half-truths and outright scams, it is difficult nowadays to know what the truth is when it comes to the male libido enhancer.

Well, here's the truth: there are very few penis enlargement techniques that really work. We begin by examining the different techniques available to you.

Penis enlargement technique # 1: Penis enlargement devices
Penis enlargement devices are widely available online. Some of them are very good for the future. Some of them cost a fortune. But do they really work? Well, they can, in fact. If you are willing to put in the time, effort and dedication, using the correct device - and use it properly, you can begin to see results within a few weeks.

You need to make sure you are using a good device; such as ProExtender and you need to make sure you do not hurt. And you need to be persistent; you will not see any change at all, unless you use the device every day or several times a day at least a few weeks.

Penis enlargement technique # 2: Penis Enlargement Exercises
Penis enlargement exercises can definitely help to enlarge your penis, maybe even a little better than the ProExtender devices. This is because you have more control and more options when you are doing your exercises manually.

Again, ensure that your male libido enhancement exercise program works and make sure you do not hurt while doing it. You need to follow an effective and respected program. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure that your information is reliable and safe. But once again, the key to making your penis exercise program work is to follow it consistently.

You will need to start slowly and then build your way up to a program that has a real impact on your length and girth. It takes time, patience and dedication. You will want to run their exercise routines at least once or twice a day for at least a few weeks.

Penis enlargement technique # 3: Penis enlargement sex pill
The most important thing about using sex pill for penis enlargement is that you could get results quickly. And, all that's necessary is a little pill daily for real outcomes, practically immediately. Pills that are very famous in the market now, Dr. Maxman and VigrxPlus.

Needless to say, there's a drawback to the process. The truth is that a lot of improvement pills for man libido simply don't work. Several producers have made fly pills that creates little to no results on the size of your penis or sexual performance.

If you are seeking a penis enlargement pill which provides you with the outcomes that you would like, try to find a pill which includes proven fixings, and is supported by physician, having a solid refund policy. That is the way you'll realize that you will be managing a reputable firm as well as merchandise that is valid.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Safe Birth Control Methods and Myths: Essure

Essure, female sterilization, is supposedly one of the safest ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It has a very low failure rate, 0,26. It means that out of 384 women, only one has become pregnant when using this method. However, do consider that researchers of Yale University claim that its failure rate is much higher than that. Before you make your decision, consult with your gynecologist!
Essure is a surgical procedure, performed by a doctor. It is a permanent birth control method, it is irreversible, you only have to undergo a surgery only once in your life. Essure surgery has been available for United States citizens since 2002, when the Food and Drug Administration approved this method. Probably you want to know that Essure is affordable, it is less expensive than laparoscopic bilateral tubal ligation.

The surgery takes only ten minutes. You just go to a physician’s office and undergo the surgery, you do not have to undergo anesthesia. Do ask for some kind of analgesia though, otherwise your surgery will be extremely painful.

During the process, your physician will place tiny, thin, flexible inserts into both of your fallopian tubes, using a catheter through your vaginal canal, cervix, and uterus. The inserts will prevent unwanted pregnancy, since they contain polyethylene terephthalate fibers, they cause inflammation that leads to fibrotic reaction. The small device is held in place by a stainless steel inner coil and a nickel titanium alloy coil. It will induce tissue growth in and around the insert within three months, blocking the fallopian tubes. The forming tissue will prevent sperm from getting into the fallopian tube and reaching the egg. Naturally, for three months, you have to use some other form of birth control.

Three months after your surgery, a doctor should perform an x-ray procedure on you, hysterosalpingogram, to see whether the inserts fully blocked your fallopian tubes. The physician injects a contrast agent (a dye) through your cervix. If the doctor cannot detect any contrast agent leaking at the Essure coils, your surgery is considered safe.

According to Yale University scientists, Essure is not a very safe birth control method. It also has some risks: failure to place both inserts during the first procedure, expulsion, or perforation of your tissues.

Essure may cause serious side-effects like intense pain, bleeding, changes in your period, nausea, allergic reactions to the inserts and its materials as well as allergic response to different allergens, rashes, a weakened immune system, weight gain, mood swings, hair loss. Plenty of Essure patients, named E-sisters, speak up on social media sites about their painful history with Essure.

Consider these possible side-effects before you decide to choose Essure.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Important Root Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Studies in several countries show that erectile dysfunction affects more than 100 million men worldwide. Despite this huge quantity, the patient with erection problems feels completely alone.

Man, due to socio-cultural context in which it was created, has difficulty in talking about their problem and especially with his own companion, before whom he feels diminished. With friends, in the same posture, the reply will certainly be of mockery and embarrassment. Fear and ashamed of their condition hinders these men to consult an expert.

3 Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
The causes of erectile dysfunction can be divided into three major groups:
·        Organic
·        Psychogenic
·        Mixed

It is important to emphasize that the erection disorders occur more frequently in as the individual ages, but are not due to only age. The fact can be explained when it is understood that various diseases that favor the onset of erectile dysfunction occur most frequently in people over age.

Organic Root Causes
Penile erection is a phenomenon dependent on various factors and involves the nervous, endocrine, vascular and tissue of the corpora cavernosa. Therefore, changes in any of these factors may contribute at least in part for erectile dysfunction.  

Injury or vascular disorders can impair the required blood circulation in the penis. The arterial occlusive disease of atherosclerotic or traumatic etiology of pelvic and penile vascular system decreases blood flow and substantially reduces penile erection.
Changes in the nerves lead to sexual stimulation to the penis. Diseases or conditions that affect the nervous system, such as alcoholism and diabetes mellitus can cause erectile dysfunction. In addition, spinal cord injuries, surgeries and pelvic radiotherapy destroy nerve fibres, a loss of erective function.

Changes in hormone production such as lowering blood level of testosterone (produced in the testes) leads to decreased interest in sexual activity. Anatomical and physiological changes in the corpus cavernosum, preventing them from adequately dilate to promote erection. The corpora cavernosa are cylindrical structures, located in the body of the penis, which receive the blood and keep it under pressure, promote erection. 

Psychological Root Causes
This category is related to mechanism of action with the central inhibition of the erection process, emotionally based and without the participation of any organic component. 

Many emotional factors such as stress, anxiety, fear of failure, shame, family problems, financial problems, among others, may be responsible for erectile dysfunction, in varying degrees, including premature ejaculation problems. The preoccupation of the individual with sexual performance can also lead to erectile dysfunction. The man with ED is isolated with their problem.

The fear and the shame of failing again, eventually lead man to abstain from any sexual contact, leading him to a vicious cycle that slows down more and more the process of healing.

Mixed causes

It comprises a combination of organic and emotional factors. After going through successive failures when attempting intercourse, the feeling of inferiority experienced by the individual will cause a huge psychological impact. The vicious circle created makes it increasingly difficult the possibility to solve the problem alone. In the case of erection, ultimate expression of masculinity, related by the concepts of our society, the strength and power in its broadest sense is extremely rare in patient with an organic cause, whatever it is, does not end, also showing an emotional involvement.

Friday, November 21, 2014

How to Have Longer Sex

Today we focus on how to maintain hard erection by optimizing your sexual stamina using simple exercises that will see you having longer sexual activity.

It’s true that by using creams and sprays you will add a few minutes in your sexual activity, but thing is, the above mentioned products have in the past resulted to limitations and severity. By using such products, the habit turns into an addiction and one fails to perform sexually whenever they want to have sex.

The products shouldn’t be advocated as permanent cures as they are only made to be a temporary aid which if not regulated you can suffer extremely. When it comes to curbing erectile dysfunction, below are natural ways that you can result to for maximum success…

Controlling Your Arousal to Last Longer

By teaching yourself how to be in control of your arousal, you have the chance of lasting longer while having coitus. That said however, if you want to be on top of your game, it’s important that you understand clearly what the four stages of male sex arousal are.
First let us find out what arousal is; this is the sensation that an individual experiences after becoming stimulated sexually.

By paying close attention to the ways that your body responds to and reacts to through these stages, you know graduate to knowing how to control every stage to last longer and enjoy the sexual activity all the time!

Stage One: This is the instant when your penis starts to become erect
Stage Two: This takes place when an arousal starts increasing and your erections becomes full, but you are still in full control
Stage Three: This is the point when your arousal become intense and your penis glands expand making you more sensitive and at the edge of ejaculating
Stage Four: This is the point when your nerve system topples over and causes the perennial muscles to contract and you ejaculate immediately

Now that we are all looking towards lasting longer in bed, it’s important that you master how to stretch out the four stages as long as you possibly can. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it means that you switch from the 1st stage to the 4th stage in less than two minutes.

To stop premature ejaculation and profit from sexual enhancement, you should concentrate on the 2nd stage. Strive your best to remain at this stage for the longest time possible, when you cross over to the third stage, you will not have any room for turning back.

How Do You Survive Stage Two?

Simply keep your three elements relaxed, i.e. have your body, mind and soul very relaxed by giving more than you receive. To simplify the language, make sure that you concentrate on giving your lady friend sexual pleasure by fondling her breasts, touching her in places that make her moan.

Caress her in a way that her erogenous areas become stimulated. Take your time to study her body so that you know where the right buttons to touch are. By taking away your own focus from your genitalia, you will be able to linger in the second stage long enough to sufficiently stimulate your lady friend and both of you will enjoy the love making session!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sterilization – A Basic Guide

Sterilization of men and women is a very efficient and permanent method of birth control. It is recommended for people above the age of 35 or for people that are suffering from certain diseases which justifies sterilization. The decision of taking such action requires quiet and detailed thinking, no matter if we are talking about male or female sterilization.

Sterilization is a procedure that is usually chosen by women when they no longer want children. This procedure can have very different consequences. First of all, such a procedure is accompanied by considerable mental confusion and on the other hand many people consider that such intervention can lead to better sex because of the fact that people are no longer afraid of conceiving a baby.

Sterilization in women  
This procedure in women requires cutting the fallopian tubes which leads to prevention of egg travelling from the ovary to the uterus. Sterilization in women is much more complicated procedure, which is performed with the use of complete anesthesia and after the procedure is finished the women has to stay in the hospital for at least two days. Most women that choose sterilization have previously used all possible methods of birth control and this is their last option.

There are certain medical indications which leave some women without any other choice than having sterilization. This is the case in women that have high blood pressure or severe heart conditions. In these cases the procedure should be finished as soon as possible. For example, it should be performed at the same time with the abortion. In the past sterilization was medically indicated after the second cesarean section in order to avoid 3rd one. Today’s medical supplies are much better and the scars are stronger, more acceptable and more resilient.

Sterilization in men – vasectomy
Vasectomy is a small surgical procedure in order to sterilize men. With this procedure vas deferens from the both sides are cut off, tourniquet or partially removed. The whole procedure lasts for around 20 minutes and it can be performed with local anesthesia. It is much easier for men to go through this procedure.

Side effects are something really uncommon in cases of vasectomy. Vasectomy can slightly increase the risk of prostate cancer occurrence. The chances of development of prostate cancer increase as the time of the surgery passes. The most common side effect after vasectomy procedure is bleeding. In case a large hematoma appears it is recommended to take a rest and use analgesics.
In many countries sterilization is a process that requires special permissions from various professional organizations. In the past sterilization was considered to be a final and irreversible method of birth control but the fact is that today there are many biomedical products that can allow people who are sterilized to conceive again. It is possible to take sperm directly from the testicles and fertilize female eggs.

Finally, keep in mind that sterilization is an excellent protection when it comes to birth control but not when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

HIV testing for Sex Machine

Yes, sex machine does need to be aware of HIV as well. Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing can show you if you are infected with HIV. This is a virus that weakens the immune system and can lead to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Some HIV tests include checking the presence of antibodies produced by the immune system as a response to HIV infection. Other HIV tests are looking only for the virus. The fastest tests can provide the first results in half an hour.

Why take these tests?
Testing is crucial in situations when we want to stop the spreading of HIV. Many people are not aware that they are infected and they bring their own and the health of other people in danger. Early detection of HIV can help AIDS prevention.

HIV testing is very important for pregnant women because this virus can be transmitted to the baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Luckily, there are medications that can lower the risk to a minimum.

Many experts recommend tests for every person aged between 12 and 64. This is the best way to prevent the spread of this vicious virus. Early testing is recommended for people who belong to certain high risk groups. People who have: practiced unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex with strangers or many partners, practiced homosexual intercourse, drug abusers, former Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) patients should definitely participate in this testing.

The best thing about these tests is the fact that you don’t need any special preparation before the test starts. The only thing that you might need is an appointment.  

HIV is diagnosed by testing a sample of blood or saliva. It can also be tested by using a urine sample but the results are not very reliable. Unfortunately, the tests are not very accurate right after the infection occurs because the body needs certain amount of time in order to produce antibodies that can fight the virus. Many people develop antibodies to HIV around 3 to 6 months after they get infected.

If the test is positive the test is repeated. This is a so-called confirmatory test which checks the presence of HIV proteins. The final diagnosis that can confirm that you are infected with HIV can be obtained after you have made three tests.

There are several types of HIV tests. The first one is the so-called fast HIV test. These tests can provide relatively precise information in around 20 minutes. These tests are looking for antibodies in a sample of blood taken from a finger or vein. They can also use a sample of saliva. Oral tests are almost equally accurate as blood tests. If a saliva test shows that you are infected you will have to take a blood test too. 

Home HIV tests are also available. You just need to place a small drop of blood on the surface of the test and send it in a lab. In few days you will know if you are infected or not. This test ensures privacy and anonymity because you will get a code number for your test.

There are some HIV tests that can detect HIV even before the antibodies become visible on standard HIV tests. They are looking for proteins or other elements that can confirm the presence of the virus.   

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sex on the first date and its consequences

Having sex on the first date and enjoying “night games” after which every side goes into separate ways is a dream for many men. However, it is quite different when you have sex with a girl that you have just met in a bar compared to having sex with a girl with whom you want to build a relationship. This is why many men ask themselves when is the right time to have sex?

If you really want to get involved in a serious relationship, try to avoid having sex on the first date. It is a well known fact that men like challenges, so if they get what they want quickly, chances are that they will lose interest after a while. Most women are aware of this fact and this is why they try to avoid sex at the same day (or night) when they meet their partner. If a woman thinks that some man is good for a sexual relationship she will do anything she can to keep the man interested but without going straight to the bed.

This tactic that includes a combination of dating and meetings with intention to find out something more about each other, longing and anticipation is what “works” in favor of romance relationship and simply forces us to fell in love. While men are constructing their plans to see their partner naked, they realize that the woman they have chosen is worth waiting for and worth their emotions. That’s why men should keep in mind that if some woman doesn’t want to have sex immediately that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t find that particular guy attractive. Women know that it is better to wait for a while. On the other hand, is the man continues to behave normally and patiently waits for his chance he sends a strong single that he respects that woman and at the same his sexual desire are growing stronger.

There are many men who believe that sex on the first date is great. They don’t want to be involved in sexual relationships with a woman that doesn’t suit them in bed. It is interesting that these men never ask about the woman’s previous sexual experience and the number of sex partners she had.

Long waiting is not a solution too. It is completely normal to keep things going on slowly out of respect but men cannot be too passive because these situations can send the wrong signals. The phase when people are still learning more about the other side is a phase when another person can enter the life of your potential partner so being too much passive can take things into another direction.   

According to some experts the right time to have sex is the fourth date. These experts believe that this is the time when you know just enough about the other side and their interests and whether you are attracted to each other or not. Of course, you don’t have to stick to this rule but you need to make sure that you need to get things moving. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What is Frigidity?

Frigidity is often described as complete absence of sexual arousal in women. These women cannot get aroused even after long and appropriate touching of the vagina. This is therefore a completely different problem than inability of achieving intense orgasm. Sexology is a relatively new science which explored sexual occurrences and sexual behavior of men and women. Every new discovery in this area is replacing old knowledge or it simply changes it. 

There are many limits that do not allow us to get completely accurate information about sexual problems. This is the reason why many researchers had different opinions about frigidity too. For example, English surgeon Acton thought that the opinion that some women don’t experience sexuality is absurd. On the other hand, Freud thought that a woman is frigid if she is unable to achieve orgasm during normal sexual intercourse. Today, frigidity is described with all the casual factors together. But how can we tell if some women is suffering from frigidity?

Some people believe that only women that don’t feel sexual arousal and don’t achieve orgasms can be called frigid. Other people think that a woman is frigid if she doesn’t feel need for sex but can achieve orgasm. Still others believe the opposite – that a woman is frigid if she does feel need for sex but has never experienced an orgasm. In other words, a strict definition of frigidity is impossible to construct, at least not in only one sentence. It is worth mentioning that some claims about female frigidity have been scientifically disproved a long time ago.

Some factors that lead to frigidity
-          Wet dreams – there are many women who believe they are frigid but they have erotic dreams and they masturbate regularly. This only means that they experience sexuality in dreams and masturbation and that’s how they release their sex drive. They are not frigid.

-          A selfish man – this type of men were used to occasional and casual sex encounters and all of a sudden they realize that their wife is sexually unresponsive. They only rely on their masculinity and think that this is all they need in order to provide pleasure to their women. They are bad husbands and bad lovers because they only think about their own needs. In other words, he just takes and gives nothing in return.

-          Feeling of guilt – Some women practice masturbation regularly but they do this with a feeling of guilt that is buried deep in the sub consciousness. These things create limitations and they cannot relax during sex. They even don’t let the partner touch them in the same way they touch themselves and become unnecessary cold.

-          Fear of unwanted pregnancy – This is one of the main reasons for temporary frigidity. Although the contraceptive methods are improved and they guarantee almost 100% protection some women are still afraid that they might end up pregnant. This feeling of fear is especially present in women that cannot use birth control pills and they consider that other methods are unreliable. Better sexual health

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Top Foods for Hard Erection

There is certainly no doubt about it; you need to attain erection. It is only by attaining erection that you can be sure that your manhood is intact. Indeed, erection is an important biological function that ensures that you not only satisfy yourself sexually but your partner as well. However, attaining erection is not enough. You need to attain hard erection for satisfactory sexual performance.
Although there are various artificial ways through which you can attain hard erection, the best and safest way is to go natural by simply eating food stuffs that have been known for centuries to not only help in attaining hard erection but enhances sexual performance as well. Below are some of such food stuffs.

Raw Cacao Products
Eating raw cacao products have the positive effect of reducing your systolic blood pressure by enlarging your arteries, which in effect allows flow of sufficient blood throughout your body. In addition, raw cacao products also contain flanavols, cells that enhance health of endolithium, which is the lining found within your blood vessels. Furthermore, raw cacao products enhance production of nitric oxide within your body. All these three are very important in having the ability to attain hard erection.

Garlic has been used by men for centuries as a strong sex booster. Garlic has the positive effect of lowering your blood pressure while boosting your testosterone level, which enhances your erection. However, not all forms of garlic are good. You need to go for organically grown garlic.

Pomegranate is one wonderful fruit that allows you to maintain hard erection. In addition to promoting the health of your cardiovascular system, eating pomegranate also increases your testosterone level and production of nitric oxide. It is therefore not surprising that the fruit is often referred to as natural Viagra.

Spinach is known to contain natural nitrates that have the positive enhancing production of nitric oxide. Spinach is also rich in ecdysterone and dehydroepiandrosterone, which are natural anabolic steroids. These boost testosterone level, leading to hard penile erection.

Raw Walnuts
Although all nuts have a positive effect on your penile erection, raw walnuts stand out as the most potent when it comes to hard penile erection. This is because raw walnuts contain high amounts of arginine, which is an amino acid that converts into nitric oxide, which in turn boosts your penile erection.

Banana’s shape is not by default. Its shape simply serves to indicate which part of your body it benefits. Bananas are very rich in potassium, which is very helpful when it comes to efficient flow of blood throughout your body. Potassium also has the positive effect of controlling level of sodium, which in effect prevents high blood pressure.

Red Wine
Red wine contains high amount of phytochemical resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that clears arteries, allowing for smooth flow of blood within your body, which in turn enhances production of nitric oxide. This allows you to attain hard erection.

The indicated food stuffs are not simple foods. They are indeed referred to as superfoods because they contain vital nutrients that enhance good health including good sexual health.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Birth Control Myths Sex Machine Should Know About

There are a number of birth control methods available today that are highly effective. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of "mythical" misinformation out there regarding contraception and unless you want a surprise pregnancy on your hands, you'll want to know about them. Following are a few of the most common myths regarding birth control:

You can't get pregnant if your partner pulls out prior to ejaculation
Known as the "withdrawal" method of birth control, pulling out prior to ejaculation definitely isn't a foolproof contraceptive method because there's always a chance that some ejaculate containing sperm will be released before a male starts to climax. Also, you can't count on your partner to have the willpower to withdraw in time.

Breastfeeding will keep you from getting pregnant
Even though breastfeeding can postpone ovulation, there's absolutely no guarantee that it will so nursing mothers will need to use birth control if they don't want to get pregnant.

You won't get pregnant if you don't have a climax
Pregnancy transpires when an ejaculate from the male partner fertilizes a woman's egg, which means whether or not a woman climaxes has nothing to do with getting pregnant.

Having sex standing up or being on top will keep me from getting pregnant
Sex position have nothing to do with whether or not fertilization takes place. Immediately after a male ejaculates, sperm is deposited deep in the vagina and naturally starts to move up through the cervical canal, regardless of the sexual position.

I don't need birth control because we just have sex during my "safe" time of the month
This common myth is based on a woman's belief that they're only fertile one day out of the month, typically based on a misunderstanding of their menstrual cycle. The problem is that, while a woman's menstrual cycle is fairly regular most of the time, hormonal balances can be disrupted by a number of factors that include age, stress, medications, weight and more. As a result, determining the time of ovulation and estimating any so called "safe" days is virtually impossible and definitely too risky to base an unwanted pregnancy on.

Using a balloon or plastic wrap works just as good as a condom for birth control
Believe it or not; this is a fairly common birth control myth so we felt we should mention it in this article. Balloons and plastic wrap are "NOT" effective birth control methods for obvious reasons, including the fact that either can be easily ripped during sex, not to mention the fact they don't fix well. Condoms are exclusively designed to provide the perfect fit and effective protection. Condoms are also extensively tested for highest possible effectiveness.

Birth control pills offer protection immediately after you start taking them
This is definitely not the case. As a matter of fact, many doctors recommend that couple's use a back up method of contraception during the first month of taking birth control pills. In addition, going through one complete menstrual cycle is necessary with some women for the hormones in the oral contraceptive to work with the natural hormones of the female to prevent ovulation.

Couples that have any doubts about birth control methods should consult with a trusted physician.

Friday, September 5, 2014

How to Cope with Your Partner’s Erectile Dysfunction Problem

One major challenge that confronts some women in their love relationship is how to deal with their male partners diagnosed as being impotent. Otherwise referred to as erectile dysfunction, impotence refers to a man’s inability to either erect or sustain penile erection that is necessary for sexual performance. The fact that the problem is now being diagnosed by doctors in large numbers across the world makes it very necessary that you know how to cope just in case your partner is already diagnosed as having the problem or just for information that can be helpful in future.

The first thing you need to realize is the fact that your sexual life does not end when your partner is diagnosed as being impotent. Unlike some women who start thinking of divorce, you need to start thinking of helping your partner to cope with his condition with the aim of continuous enjoyment of your sex life. It therefore becomes necessary to go to the root of your partner’s erectile dysfunction problem. Going to the root of the problem makes it possible for you to ascertain the cause of the problem of which there are several remedies and medications your partner can use for continued satisfactory sex performance.

Depending on your family doctor or your partner’s personal doctor, there are a number of erectile dysfunction medications in the market including Cialis and Levitra pills that your partner can use. Some men have indeed used such medications to regain their sexual performance prowess. Apart from pills, there are also injections and vacuum pumps that are effective in combating impotence.

Apart from pills, vacuum pumps and injections, there are several ways through which you can help your partner cope and one of these is trying something new. This may be the right time to ramp up foreplay to encourage your partner to get aroused in order to attain penile erection. This is also the right time that you need to read sexy materials together as a couple just to help your partner cope.

You need to realize that it can be very devastating to a man when he is diagnosed as being impotent. What your partner needs at such a time is understanding on your part and the best way to go about showing him that you understand his condition is to take off the pressure from him. Instead focusing on his penis, consider trying out new things such as oral sex and using a vibrator together.

Coping with your partner’s erectile dysfunction should not be such a difficult task. Apart from medications, equipment and encouragement, you also have the option of letting your partner use natural remedies that have proved effective in treating or managing the condition. It is however important to point out that not all available remedies will do. You first need to ascertain the cause of your partner’s impotence to enable you choose the right remedy.

Impotent diagnosis is what every man dreads. However, that does not mean that a man can not engage in satisfactory sex performance. You only need to understand and communicate with your partner with the aim of establishing the best way to handle his condition.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Heart Disease

All facets of a guy's health can finally change his erectile function and skill to keep things going in the bedroom. Cardiovascular health, in particular, plays a great part in this regard. Guys that have reduced blood flow - whether due to decreased heart function itself or due to tempered or clogged arteries (a state called atherosclerosis) are exceptionally likely to develop erectile problems because of this. Moreover, poor heart health and diabetes are closely linked; patients who are being treated for morbidly high blood sugar are prone to nerve damage that disturbs the signals between the brain and organ that are needed to activate an erection.

From a mental health perspective, melancholy and stress have been linked to both heart disease and erectile dysfunction; treating psychological problems for example these can help restore satisfactory sexual function, too. Luckily for most guys, treating the underlying health problem can help fight loss of function. With additional focus to organ health, too, many guys can treat impotent problems and once again appreciate a wholesome and satisfactory sex life.

Can difficulties with getting an erection be an indication of another bigger issue that could cause you serious problems? Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be an indicator of underlying cardiovascular difficulties. It may be an early warning, in that respect.

The arrival of natural sexual energy conventions has put the spotlight back on ED, and a string of studies are indicating that, for most guys, the state has physical and not merely mental starts.

Early in 2004, researchers headed by Dr. Alan Bank of the St. Paul Heart Clinic in Minnesota released a study demonstrating that the arteries of men with ED grown less economically than men without erectile problems -- a potential indication of underlying heart disease.

It's possible for you to liken ED to a standard plumbing problem: If you turn in your kitchen faucet and you don't get any flow, either the faucet's broken or the pipes are clogged. For guys with advanced heart disease, the clogged-pipe explanation likely holds true, since accumulation of cholesterol in arteries can significantly reduce the flow of blood.

But many men with ED aren't anywhere near this phase of cardiovascular deterioration. For the men with ed, the faucet -- the vessels inside the member and the smooth muscle around them -- may be broken on a biochemical level.

As blood flow demands increase (as occurs during an erection), the endothelium releases nitric oxide to help cause blood vessel growth. Blood flow is essential for normal erectile function. It is also -- and here is the connection to heart disease -- quite significant as an anti-atherosclerotic agent, resisting hardening of the arteries.

In that sense, ED may function as an early indicate that blood vessels elsewhere in the body aren't growing as they should, either.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Signs and Symptoms Associated with Low Testosterone Level

Testosterone is one type of steroid hormones that is naturally produced in the body. It is a hormone found in mammals, reptiles, birds and other vertebrates. The hormone is secreted by the testicles in male mammals and ovaries in females. It is the main sex hormone in males.

You generally have high levels of testosterone than females as a man, about 7-8 times more. The hormone is responsible for development of different male reproductive tissues including the testis, prostate gland, body muscles, growth of body hair and bone mass. It also plays a big role in preventing osteoporosis. Your body as a man also needs sufficient levels of testosterone for normal development of sperms, for regulating your cognitive and physical energy. Interestingly, while your testosterone levels decrease when you fall in love, when women falls in love it will help her to boost testosterone level.

Apart from falling in love, you may also suffer Low T because of such other factors as fatherhood, marriage and aging among other factors. Low testosterone (Low T) levels in males can cause serious problems in a sexual relationship. Low testosterone level presents several symptoms including:

Low libido – This is when you do not have interest in sex. Your sex drive literally vanishes, meaning that your partner has to contend with sexual desire for an unknown period, which in itself can lead to serious relationship problems.

Erectile Dysfunction – Apart from other causative factors, Low T is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is in most cases characterized by weak penile erection, difficulty in attaining an erection or lack of any erection at all. Similarly, ED can manifest itself in form of premature ejaculation in which case you attain orgasm even before you engage in sexual intercourse. Like with low libido, having ED causes serious relationship problems because your partner will always remain sexually unsatisfied.

Body fatigue – One major role that testosterone plays in the body is in building body muscles and other processes, allowing your body to have the necessary energy for everyday tasks. Low T therefore means weak body muscles and reduced processes. Leading to low energy levels, which makes your whole body feel weak all the time.

Depression – The fact that you experience any or all of the above symptoms will make you feel not man enough. You will tend to withdraw to be alone most of the time, which will lead to emotional stress and depression.

Osteoporosis – Your body requires adequate level of testosterone for development of bones. Low T therefore leads to reduction of bone density, which in itself causes other serious bone-related health problems. Your bones become brittle to a point that bone breakages become common occurrence.

The above are just some of the signs and symptoms associated with Low T. Low testosterone levels cannot be diagnosed through physical examination. This is because the same signs and symptoms can be presented by other diseases/health conditions. Diagnosis of Low T levels can only be undertaken by a doctor, where simple blood test is all a doctor needs to perform for proper diagnosis.