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sex machine

Monday, August 27, 2018

Six sex topics to discuss with a new partner

A new relationship might come with all the butterflies, and I want you forever text that it’s easy to ignore the important aspects especially if you are going to be warming each other’s bed soon! There are questions concerning sex you need to ask your new partner to allow a smooth sail of sex when the time finally comes. Here are some starting tips, you can think up others as you get answers to your questions.

Sexual history
It is important to know the sexual history of your partner. Is he/ she straight? Is he/she bisexual? Is he/she gay? Have they ever had unprotected sex? How often do they get tested for STIs? Have they ever contracted an sexually transmitted infections? Was it a bacterial or viral infection? Of course, you shouldn’t ask the questions in quick succession but endeavor to ask them to stay safe.
Some people won’t tell say anything till you ask, so don’t wait for them to tell you. It is also important you both go for testing and treatment to start the relationship on a new foot without fear of infection.

Sex time
While some people want to have sex every minute of the day, others have a preferred time to get intimate. It is necessary to discuss with your new partner about this and get them to tell you their preferred time. This will save you the embarrassment and frustrations of trying to get someone in bed when they don’t feel like having sex. Moreover, if you both have conflicting times, you can easily compromise to make it work.

Sexual secrets
Does your partner have any secret he or she wants to share with you? Was he/she raped or sexually molested while growing up or recently. It is essential to know the sexual secrets of your partner to know if they need help or special attention during sex.

Sexual health
Is your new partner diabetic and having a problem sustaining an erection? Find out the sexual health problems your partner may have by simply asking. It could be a sexual dysfunction or vaginismus which causes vagina tightness and muscle spasm. It can also be that she always experience painful sex or he has a painful erection. Find out about these problems and ensure they go for treatment to avoid hitches during the relationship.

Sexual Desires
People have different sexual desires and preferences. It is important to know that of your new partner. Does he like the nine shades of grey submission and bondage or is he contented with a vagina and oral sex? Does she have a high libido and cannot be satisfied by one round of sex? You’ll need to clarify these things before you begin the new relationship.

Precautionary methods
We are talking about condoms and contraceptives if you are not ready to have babies immediately you hit the sheets. Know what form of contraceptive your partner prefers. Is it the hormonal contraceptive, withdrawal method or plain old condom. Know about his or her preferences to plan and avoid unwanted pregnancy.