sex machine

sex machine

Friday, November 21, 2014

How to Have Longer Sex

Today we focus on how to maintain hard erection by optimizing your sexual stamina using simple exercises that will see you having longer sexual activity.

It’s true that by using creams and sprays you will add a few minutes in your sexual activity, but thing is, the above mentioned products have in the past resulted to limitations and severity. By using such products, the habit turns into an addiction and one fails to perform sexually whenever they want to have sex.

The products shouldn’t be advocated as permanent cures as they are only made to be a temporary aid which if not regulated you can suffer extremely. When it comes to curbing erectile dysfunction, below are natural ways that you can result to for maximum success…

Controlling Your Arousal to Last Longer

By teaching yourself how to be in control of your arousal, you have the chance of lasting longer while having coitus. That said however, if you want to be on top of your game, it’s important that you understand clearly what the four stages of male sex arousal are.
First let us find out what arousal is; this is the sensation that an individual experiences after becoming stimulated sexually.

By paying close attention to the ways that your body responds to and reacts to through these stages, you know graduate to knowing how to control every stage to last longer and enjoy the sexual activity all the time!

Stage One: This is the instant when your penis starts to become erect
Stage Two: This takes place when an arousal starts increasing and your erections becomes full, but you are still in full control
Stage Three: This is the point when your arousal become intense and your penis glands expand making you more sensitive and at the edge of ejaculating
Stage Four: This is the point when your nerve system topples over and causes the perennial muscles to contract and you ejaculate immediately

Now that we are all looking towards lasting longer in bed, it’s important that you master how to stretch out the four stages as long as you possibly can. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it means that you switch from the 1st stage to the 4th stage in less than two minutes.

To stop premature ejaculation and profit from sexual enhancement, you should concentrate on the 2nd stage. Strive your best to remain at this stage for the longest time possible, when you cross over to the third stage, you will not have any room for turning back.

How Do You Survive Stage Two?

Simply keep your three elements relaxed, i.e. have your body, mind and soul very relaxed by giving more than you receive. To simplify the language, make sure that you concentrate on giving your lady friend sexual pleasure by fondling her breasts, touching her in places that make her moan.

Caress her in a way that her erogenous areas become stimulated. Take your time to study her body so that you know where the right buttons to touch are. By taking away your own focus from your genitalia, you will be able to linger in the second stage long enough to sufficiently stimulate your lady friend and both of you will enjoy the love making session!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sterilization – A Basic Guide

Sterilization of men and women is a very efficient and permanent method of birth control. It is recommended for people above the age of 35 or for people that are suffering from certain diseases which justifies sterilization. The decision of taking such action requires quiet and detailed thinking, no matter if we are talking about male or female sterilization.

Sterilization is a procedure that is usually chosen by women when they no longer want children. This procedure can have very different consequences. First of all, such a procedure is accompanied by considerable mental confusion and on the other hand many people consider that such intervention can lead to better sex because of the fact that people are no longer afraid of conceiving a baby.

Sterilization in women  
This procedure in women requires cutting the fallopian tubes which leads to prevention of egg travelling from the ovary to the uterus. Sterilization in women is much more complicated procedure, which is performed with the use of complete anesthesia and after the procedure is finished the women has to stay in the hospital for at least two days. Most women that choose sterilization have previously used all possible methods of birth control and this is their last option.

There are certain medical indications which leave some women without any other choice than having sterilization. This is the case in women that have high blood pressure or severe heart conditions. In these cases the procedure should be finished as soon as possible. For example, it should be performed at the same time with the abortion. In the past sterilization was medically indicated after the second cesarean section in order to avoid 3rd one. Today’s medical supplies are much better and the scars are stronger, more acceptable and more resilient.

Sterilization in men – vasectomy
Vasectomy is a small surgical procedure in order to sterilize men. With this procedure vas deferens from the both sides are cut off, tourniquet or partially removed. The whole procedure lasts for around 20 minutes and it can be performed with local anesthesia. It is much easier for men to go through this procedure.

Side effects are something really uncommon in cases of vasectomy. Vasectomy can slightly increase the risk of prostate cancer occurrence. The chances of development of prostate cancer increase as the time of the surgery passes. The most common side effect after vasectomy procedure is bleeding. In case a large hematoma appears it is recommended to take a rest and use analgesics.
In many countries sterilization is a process that requires special permissions from various professional organizations. In the past sterilization was considered to be a final and irreversible method of birth control but the fact is that today there are many biomedical products that can allow people who are sterilized to conceive again. It is possible to take sperm directly from the testicles and fertilize female eggs.

Finally, keep in mind that sterilization is an excellent protection when it comes to birth control but not when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

HIV testing for Sex Machine

Yes, sex machine does need to be aware of HIV as well. Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing can show you if you are infected with HIV. This is a virus that weakens the immune system and can lead to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Some HIV tests include checking the presence of antibodies produced by the immune system as a response to HIV infection. Other HIV tests are looking only for the virus. The fastest tests can provide the first results in half an hour.

Why take these tests?
Testing is crucial in situations when we want to stop the spreading of HIV. Many people are not aware that they are infected and they bring their own and the health of other people in danger. Early detection of HIV can help AIDS prevention.

HIV testing is very important for pregnant women because this virus can be transmitted to the baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Luckily, there are medications that can lower the risk to a minimum.

Many experts recommend tests for every person aged between 12 and 64. This is the best way to prevent the spread of this vicious virus. Early testing is recommended for people who belong to certain high risk groups. People who have: practiced unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex with strangers or many partners, practiced homosexual intercourse, drug abusers, former Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) patients should definitely participate in this testing.

The best thing about these tests is the fact that you don’t need any special preparation before the test starts. The only thing that you might need is an appointment.  

HIV is diagnosed by testing a sample of blood or saliva. It can also be tested by using a urine sample but the results are not very reliable. Unfortunately, the tests are not very accurate right after the infection occurs because the body needs certain amount of time in order to produce antibodies that can fight the virus. Many people develop antibodies to HIV around 3 to 6 months after they get infected.

If the test is positive the test is repeated. This is a so-called confirmatory test which checks the presence of HIV proteins. The final diagnosis that can confirm that you are infected with HIV can be obtained after you have made three tests.

There are several types of HIV tests. The first one is the so-called fast HIV test. These tests can provide relatively precise information in around 20 minutes. These tests are looking for antibodies in a sample of blood taken from a finger or vein. They can also use a sample of saliva. Oral tests are almost equally accurate as blood tests. If a saliva test shows that you are infected you will have to take a blood test too. 

Home HIV tests are also available. You just need to place a small drop of blood on the surface of the test and send it in a lab. In few days you will know if you are infected or not. This test ensures privacy and anonymity because you will get a code number for your test.

There are some HIV tests that can detect HIV even before the antibodies become visible on standard HIV tests. They are looking for proteins or other elements that can confirm the presence of the virus.