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Thursday, October 23, 2014

What is Frigidity?

Frigidity is often described as complete absence of sexual arousal in women. These women cannot get aroused even after long and appropriate touching of the vagina. This is therefore a completely different problem than inability of achieving intense orgasm. Sexology is a relatively new science which explored sexual occurrences and sexual behavior of men and women. Every new discovery in this area is replacing old knowledge or it simply changes it. 

There are many limits that do not allow us to get completely accurate information about sexual problems. This is the reason why many researchers had different opinions about frigidity too. For example, English surgeon Acton thought that the opinion that some women don’t experience sexuality is absurd. On the other hand, Freud thought that a woman is frigid if she is unable to achieve orgasm during normal sexual intercourse. Today, frigidity is described with all the casual factors together. But how can we tell if some women is suffering from frigidity?

Some people believe that only women that don’t feel sexual arousal and don’t achieve orgasms can be called frigid. Other people think that a woman is frigid if she doesn’t feel need for sex but can achieve orgasm. Still others believe the opposite – that a woman is frigid if she does feel need for sex but has never experienced an orgasm. In other words, a strict definition of frigidity is impossible to construct, at least not in only one sentence. It is worth mentioning that some claims about female frigidity have been scientifically disproved a long time ago.

Some factors that lead to frigidity
-          Wet dreams – there are many women who believe they are frigid but they have erotic dreams and they masturbate regularly. This only means that they experience sexuality in dreams and masturbation and that’s how they release their sex drive. They are not frigid.

-          A selfish man – this type of men were used to occasional and casual sex encounters and all of a sudden they realize that their wife is sexually unresponsive. They only rely on their masculinity and think that this is all they need in order to provide pleasure to their women. They are bad husbands and bad lovers because they only think about their own needs. In other words, he just takes and gives nothing in return.

-          Feeling of guilt – Some women practice masturbation regularly but they do this with a feeling of guilt that is buried deep in the sub consciousness. These things create limitations and they cannot relax during sex. They even don’t let the partner touch them in the same way they touch themselves and become unnecessary cold.

-          Fear of unwanted pregnancy – This is one of the main reasons for temporary frigidity. Although the contraceptive methods are improved and they guarantee almost 100% protection some women are still afraid that they might end up pregnant. This feeling of fear is especially present in women that cannot use birth control pills and they consider that other methods are unreliable.