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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Top five herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is emergent in this era, being a source of trouble to happy homes. However, a correlate of vascular diseases, its major cause remains a novel for many. Clinical studies explain its psychological implications, with the attempt of medical cures. Although the cure is far from reality, herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction seems the best alternative, owing to the side effects of conventional medicine. Here are the five herbal sexual enhancer for erectile dysfunction.
1. Ginseng
With its origin in Korea, Scholars suggest its benefits in the stimulation of the male sexual function. Its roots, red are steamed then dried. In a study conducted in men with erectile dysfunction, the Ginseng herb relieved the symptoms bringing enhanced penile rigidity. Though its physiology is a mystery, it thought to promote the production of nitric oxide
2. Pomegranate Juice
Pomegranate juice, an antioxidant has abundant health benefits including reduction of risk for vascular diseases. Scientists have evidence in a study published in 2007, showing the effectiveness of this juice. It is beneficial in prolonging the active phase of erection.
3. Yohimbe
This is one of the ancient herbs used before the invention of Viagra medications. Barks from the tree are of benefit. They contain an alkaloid called Yohimbine that is a sexual booster. However, an original of the conventional “Yohimbine hydrochloride” type of drug, its use is gradually fading. It is because of its incomplete effectiveness and potency in comparison to the pharmaceutical version one. It is associated to trigger blood pressure, a reason why it is discouraged.
4. Horny goat weed
Horny goat weed and other related herbs have been using to treat impotent for several years in Italy. Researchers found out that, it contained an active compound called icariin, with similar mechanisms of action as Viagra. Other related herbs include the Ginkgo biloba whose use arouses men and women. It increases blood flow to the genitals thereby sexually arousing an individual. However, researchers have published varied information on the use of this herb, a reason for its limited use.
5. Watermelon Juice
Watermelon juice has benefits to men with erectile dysfunction. Taking a cold slice of watermelon, or its juice alternatively helps in prolonged sexual function. Watermelon has an amino acid called Citrulline that is in high concentrations. Taking this supplementation improves the erectile function by increasing blood flow to the penis.
Though its use is effective, caution should be taken.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Psychological treatment of sexual dysfunction

Specific treatment recommendations are treatment of sexual dysfunction. Many disorders will respond to pharmacological treatment. However, treatment of a broad range of sexual dysfunction may need more structured psychological treatment. In this form of treatment the couple is seen together whenever possible.

There are three stages:
(i) Improving communication,
(ii) Education
(iii) Graded activities’.

1 Improving communication has two main aims: (i) to help the couple to talk more freely about their problems and (ii) to increase each partner’s understanding of the wishes and feelings of the other. These aims may be appropriate to various kinds of problems. For example, a woman may believe that her partner should know instinctively how to please her during intercourse; she may then interpret his failure to please as lack of affection rather than as the result of her not communicating her wishes to him. Alternatively, the man may wish the woman to take a more active role in intercourse but be unable to say this to her. A further aim of this stage of treatment is to enable the couple to achieve a general relationship that is more affectionate and satisfying.

2 Education focuses on important aspects of the male and female sexual responses; examples are the longer time needed for a woman to reach sexual arousal, and the importance of foreplay, including clitoral stimulation, in bringing about vaginal lubrication. Suitably chosen books on sex education can reinforce the therapist’s advice. Educational counselling is often the most important part to treat erectile dysfunction, and it may need to be repeated when the couple have made some progress with the graded activities described next.

3 Graded activities begin by negotiating with the couple a mutually agreed ban on full sexual intercourse. The couple are encouraged instead to explore the pleasure that each can give the other by tender physical contact. The partners are encouraged to caress each other but not to touch the genitalia at this stage. When they can achieve caressing in a relaxed way that gives enjoyment to each partner, the next stage is genital foreplay without penetration. When genital foreplay can be enjoyed by both partners,the next stage is the resumption of full intercourse in a gradual and relaxed way, in which the partner with the greater problem sets the pace. In this stage a graduated approach starts with ‘vaginal containment’, in which the penis is inserted gradually into the vagina without thrusting movements. When this graded insertion is pleasurable for both partners, movement is introduced, usually by the woman at first. At each stage, each partner is encouraged to find out and provide what the other enjoys. The couple are advised to avoid checking their own state of sexual arousal. Such checking is common among people with sexual disorder, and has the effect of inhibiting the natural progression of sexual arousal to intense orgasm. Each partner should be encouraged to allow feelings and physical responses to develop spontaneously whilst thinking of the other person.

Hormones have no place in the treatment of sexual dysfunction except in cases where there is a primary hormonal disorder. The overall results of sex therapy are that about a third of cases have a successful outcome and another third have worthwhile improvement. Patients with low sex drive generally have a poor outcome.