sex machine

sex machine

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Men love women who initiate sex – 4 ways to do it

Aforementioned is a sizzling spicy topic for a lot of ladies- How to initiate sex. If you are having a lot of difficulty in this area, do not feel hopeless. You are not the only one. Most females typically wait for their man to take the lead. These days, guys are thrilled about the prospect of their woman initiating sex. I am not discussing on jumping your man's bones the minute you set eyes on him, but creatively making him understand that you want him amid the sheets. Here are some sex tips you can practice to get him to give up:

Wear skimpy lingerie with no underwear. Take your bath and put on the skimpiest lingerie you have - the kind that reveals your butt when you lean over. Spray your sweetest perfume, play your favorite slow jams or jazz, light some candles around the living room and bedroom. Pour a glassful of wine, give a deep French kiss, then let him finish the rest. He is compelled to discover that you have no underwear on. Believe me, that says it all. You won't do much after that.

Meet him in the shower - When he goes into the shower, give him some minutes' head start. Get your clothes off and join him. He will be charmingly surprised. Soap him up and let him do same for you. Stock a wet kiss on him, and you are bound to sexual stimulation parts of his body. When that occurs, he will take the lead in warming things up. Watch out so that you don't burn yourselves with the heat you will produce.

Awaken him up with a shower of kisses - Sex is extremely pleasurable in the wee hours of the day. Wake him up by kissing his neck, face, ear, chest, stomach, navel, and you identify where. Make sure you are doing it with just your skimpy underwear. Kiss him while you are rubbing against him. Men get that kind of information easily.

Give him an erotic massage - "What is an erotic massage?" maybe you'll ask. Well, an erotic massage is one where you caress your man wearing just a skimpy underwear, and your guy also putting on just his underwear or maybe not?

Use the massage oil, if massage oil is not available. Start your massage by kissing all over his back beginning from the neck to the top down to the butt and all the way to his calves. Once you've done this, you can start with the massage oil. Give him a thorough rubdown, and turn him over, if he is still awake. Straddle him, kiss his neck and chest, and give him your best French kiss. You will get yourself a stronger erection and both be on your route to intense orgasm.

Don't just stop here with these sex tips, there are more to explore and learn.