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sex machine

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Explore the Penis and the Feet for Greater Pleasure

Boning up on new and hopefully greater sex techniques is something every man should do on a routine basis. After all, even the most skilled Lothario and most anxious partner can seldom find themselves looking for distinct paths of excitement to keep their erotic lives on the fun side. Healthy sex is a basic element of proper penis care, so better sex makes that care even great. But don't make the error of speculating that sex is all focused on the midsection. There are several other erogenous zones to recognize - such as our "feet."

Great for more than standing on
The feet are a vital body part, but not one that most people associate with incorporating into erotic play. Sure, everybody knows about foot fetishes, but except that is a person's special kink, the feet are often considered of as things one uses to get from the front door to the bed.
There's so much more to the foot than that. While it may not have the sensitivity level of the penis, the foot also has a lot of nerve endings and is quite responsive to touch. Think of how one reacts to a pebble in the shoe or walking barefooted across a beach on a hot sunny day. Feet are ready and anticipating to be given a chance to show how sensitive they are. Couples soliciting for better sex are well advised to pay more attention to them. It will boost the male libido to the roof and get a harder erection.

Okay, so a guy decides he's going to give the feet - his and his partner's - a chance. What are the few things he should do to explore their sensual potential? After first being certain that the feet are not infected with bacteria or fungus or other easily infectious condition, these are some options:

  • Massage. Begin with the traditional foot massage. That is a good way to commence some foreplay, particularly if a partner has had an exhausting day of standing on their feet. Start by cautiously peeling off the stockings and gently stroking the feet. Then clean them in a tub of soapy warm water, taking care to mildly rub on top and bottom, as well as between the toes. When finished, stroke them dry with a very feathery towel and then apply some moisturizer and spread it approximately. Pay heed to what moves seem the most appealing to the spouse so they can be repeated.
  • Kiss her all over. Now that they're nice, show those feet a little loving kindness by way of the lips. Sucking on the toes is advised.
  • Stroke and tickle. Now try stroking the feet while riding on and kissing other members of the body. Depending on a partner's favorite, it may be time to caress a little; some find this deeply erotic, others find it painful - so enquire before moving to this stage.
  • Play footsie. As a couple drives to penetrative sex, keep the feet working. Run them up and down the partner's legs and intertwine feet while whispering sweet words.
  • By sincerely satisfying the feet, a couple may find new erotic excitements that can have a significant influence on their sex lives.
  • Of course, better sex entails more than just feet in motion; men need to be sure their partner are in good health too.
  • Frequent use of a penis health cream. Using a crème with acetyl-L-carnitine can be healthy for men who involve in rough sex. This can de-sensitize the penis with time, and acetyl-L-carnitine helps deal with peripheral nerve damage that can lessen penis sensitivity. The crème should also include alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that fights free radicals, which can damage penis cells. These two components are synergistic, so the two together create a better result than if used separately.