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sex machine

Friday, September 8, 2017

Creative ways to re-vitalize your sex life

It's been years that you've been together. You still love and cherish each other. But routine and predictability have become the order of your day. Familiarity has settled over your sexual relationship like an old, comforting blanket. And something's gone out of your life.
What? When you place your finger on it, you know it's that indefinable quality that provided the spark, the thrill, the body and soul-thumping passions of those early days together. Your sex life has become more predictable, less spontaneous. You hate to admit it; but there's no getting away from it: the glow has begun to dim.

And you've begun to wonder: is this the lull before the dull?
So, if your sex life is worth some of your while, here are suggestions that can help you light a new fire even if all you see right now is the valiant flicker of dying embers!

1. Another time, another place: If you've tried every possible position, now try a change of place. To start with, there's a whole range of furniture to exhaust beyond the bed. Have you tried the living-room sofa, the dining table and each of the dining chairs sequentially? Then there's: behind the blinds, under the shower or in the tub - anywhere, except near a kitchen fire.
There's almost an air of impropriety about love-making in places other than the bed - and that's the very quality that makes them such deviously delightful possibilities and adds that edge of a new adventure to an old pastime.

2. Now try a change of pace: The traditional height of machismo has been forceful - even, vigorous penetration, followed by a piston performance. Men in the particular harbor the misconception that every sexual encounter progresses relentlessly from a crescendo of passion to the climax of orgasm.
Revise that notion. You can get instant gratification without a partner. But you're a twosome: so, make the most of that by using delayed gratification, teasing and tantalizing your way to the heights. Go slowly, remember that to use a touch more often builds up the sexual tension more gradually.

3. Make a date: Sounds corny after 15 years of married life? But, in our crowded, scurrying existences, if we leave love-making to chance and impulse, other more 'demanding' jobs are likely to elbow it out of the way. Instead, set aside a time (or times) during the week when you will not permit anything else to intrude into your appointed hour under the covers.

Scheduling sex:
Does it sound too mechanical? You may find it works out to be just the opposite. Because you have to wait, you can fantasize about it. Anticipation and expectation heighten the intensity. You can spend the whole day or the whole week wondering about it, planning it, wishing it. Much as you used to look forward to your dates in the days before you married.

4. Get away from it all: Changing your love-making scenery is one way to pep up your sex life. When last did you take a weekend off together? Very often, when you get out of the rut, you get a whole new perspective on your love life - and the motivation to do something about it.

5. Give and receive: Take turns in being the aggressive partner. If you've always been the one to indulge in all the foreplay, try giving your partner a chance to make some of the moves. Not by saying, "Why don't you". Rather, touch or kiss him/her. Then retreat - that gives your spouse a chance to respond. Try being the passive partner now and again - you'll realize what you've been missing!

6. Discover the whole body: Expand your horizons. Sex is not just the penis and the vagina. There's a whole array of erogenous zones you may never have explored - from the mouth and the ears to the love button and the underside of the feet.
And, yes, in the case of women, there's the clitoris - the seat of their orgasm, the fact that many men are on the vet to discover.

7. Take a new look at sex: Remember that sex is not always orgasm on demand; it's not even always intercourse. If you can get rid of this mindset, you may well find that other kinds of passion play bring equally satisfying arousal. Try a sensuous massage. Or watching an erotic movie in a tight cuddle or playing footsie over a candlelight dinner at your favorite beachside café. All this is body talk. And isn't that what sex is about?

Clean up your act: It's inevitable with some men and women that, when they begin to take their partner or the relationship for granted, they slide into carelessness and even slovenliness over their personal appearance and hygiene.
Cleanliness is next to sexiness. Haven't you noticed - when you're freshly showered and powdered/perfumed, you feel more sensual, even wanton? So, get fresh.

8. Finally, take it easy: Don't work too hard at injecting new spontaneity into your old love life. Work doesn't work for sex!
Love-making should be leisurely, relaxed, not a goal-oriented sexual performance. Sex is not a circus, and you are not a performing flea. If you analyze, decode each move and every response - such as either she groaned enough, or if his erection lasted long enough - you'd forfeit all the enjoyment.

The bottom line is that, to please your partner, you've got to be having a good time yourself. So, put your heart into it - more than your sinews and your sweat!