sex machine

sex machine

Friday, June 15, 2018

Warning signs of sex addiction

Just like being addicted to drugs, shopping, gambling or work, one might also be addicted to sex. A sex addict’s thought is filled with sex at least 90 percent of the time. They cannot seem to take their mind off it. They are either looking for ways to get them or are constantly thinking of them even before they take any sex pill. This could be quite dangerous as most sex addicts are rapists who do not mind violating an underaged child. Most of the time, their work life might suffer because they cannot concentrate on working. They are either daydreaming about sex, or searching for sex partners on the internet or brothels.

It is not easy to stop this habit, especially when carried on for a long time. Most people who have tried to often feel caged and do not experience sexual pleasure or excitement with their chosen partners and so, they end up back to their old habit again. It is, however, possible to treat this case through rigorous therapy and also, commitment on the part of the addict.

Signs a sexual addict may exhibit
Note that a sexual habit person may not come out looking all mean or evil. It could be a gentle looking man at your office or that sweet lady that waves at you every morning. But there are some warning signs you could notice if you are observant enough;
A sexual addict has no control over their sexual behaviors. They just find themselves constantly thinking or engaging in them.

They will hide certain sexual behavior from their partner. This could range from having a threesome, to an orgy. They do not want to be judged or pressured to give up their fantasies or stop their behaviors. So they do their possible best to keep it away from their partners.

A sexual addict will rather prefer to go to prison rather than resisting an urge to coerce or force an underage to have sex with them. They find it hard to quit their sexual behavior even when it is obvious it’s a source of sadness and depression to their loved ones and people around them. They go ahead and cheat on their partners multiple times without remorse. Even if they feel remorseful, they are often at it again in the blink of an eye.

They would rather spend time chasing their sexual fantasies; looking for where the next naked party is going on, or where they can find multiple sex partners to binge on, than spending time with family and friends. Call them selfish or self- centered, they really don’t care.

Most sex addicts might have lost their jobs due to sexual misconduct at work. Their names are often associated with topics that have to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. They might have had a divorce due to multiple accounts of cheating and family neglection. They might have been involved with a number of failed relationships because they couldn’t keep their pants up. It is more like a cycle than something that happens once or twice.