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sex machine

Monday, May 28, 2018

Why Slow Sex is great for you and Your Sex Partner

It’s kind of funny how men think women always want hard thrusting and grinding all the time! Yes, sometimes they might want to feel your rock hard erection and fast penetration so they could feel your wholesomeness, but other times, they really want it slow so they could feel they are making love and not just digging it out with you. And believe it or not slow sex is the best sex you can ever have with your partner, why? The memory lingers…perhaps for a lifetime. You will seat and remember that beautiful windy night when you and your partner were “spooning” away in a very slow tempo, moaning and feeling each other…deeply. She probably whispered a “thank you” when both of you exhaled in ecstasy and got up early to make breakfast and serve it to you in bed! Haven’t had these feelings before? I think you should!
Let’s look at some healthy and romantic reasons why slow sex is great for you and your sex partner:

This is perhaps the most important reason why you should engage in slow sex at least five times a week with your partner (not too much right?). Picture this, it’s Monday and everyone is in a hurry to leave the house. After a long day at the office, you both come back home, fix your meals and head to the bedroom. While on the bed, you both decide to get a little naughty and you jump on her riding her like a rough rider? No! She will be irritated even though she won’t say it and you definitely won’t catch her looking disappointed.
Slow sex is needed at this point as an indirect way of telling her, “Baby, I know you had a stressful day, I just want to make the night better.” Trust me; she would be happy you did.

Intense Orgasms
So you’ve been trying out different methods to stop premature ejaculation. Have you tried slow sex? When you indulge in slow sex, you will be able to train yourself lasting longer in bed so that you can please your partner for a longer time. If you are able to achieve this, when you finally decide to cum, the result will be massive. You climax will be higher than it has ever been before. And you know the interesting part? Your sex partner will enjoy intense orgasm with you. Why do you think this will happen? Well, according to research studies, women take about 14 minutes before they climax as opposed to men who just need a minimum of 2. Now when you are able to hold off a while longer, you are moving closer to her and you will finally meet her halfway where both of you will experience sunshine and rainbows.

Pain Killer
Slow sex is like a soothing balm, which takes the pain, stress, and worries away. Think of it as a painkiller you would rather take after a stressful day than that drug lying in your drawer. According to Anne Sprinkle, an experienced sex educator, the body produces a compound called neuropeptides during slow sex. This compound is known to reduce pains all around the body. So maybe you will need to try it and get rid of that banging headache or waist pain.