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sex machine

Monday, February 1, 2016

What you should know about penis sensitivity

Men who are sexually active know how important penis sensitivity is. If they have “regular” penis sensitivity they can expect a high amount of satisfaction when they are involved in sexual activities. In addition, this sensitivity is used as a signal for male bodies to release the semen once certain point of stimulation is reached. However, there are situations in which penis sensitivity is lowered and the level of pleasure is lowered too. The truth is that in situations like this, men can still enjoy sex, but men feel that something is not right and they are thinking about the feeling they had before. In case you are found in a situation like this, you should follow some advice about adequate penis health care that can bring back penis sensitivity and make the sexual intercourse more interesting and enjoyable. Of course, this satisfaction will be felt when having sex with your partner or when you are pleasuring yourself.

If a man notices that he has decreased sensitivity in his penis, he will probably ask himself how this happened and what the cause is. There are many men that will relate this to the natural process of aging and many of them will accept this as a fact and continue with their lives. But, it is crucial to understand that this is not something natural and that we can always improve this sensitivity. If it's not because of sensitivity, then it may need to go further improvement to enhance the libido.

Reduced penis sensitivity is a frequent occurrence and there are few causes that lead to it. For instance, when men wash their body, they might use some very strong and unsuitable product that can lead to unwanted results. They might damage the skin without noticing because the damages are very small. Our body triggers its defense mechanism and creates a new layer of skin cells right above the damaged one. If this is something that is happening on a regular basis, the number of layers will increase making the penis less sensitive because the nerve endings will be placed deeper. We should not exclude the mental factors in this condition. It is not uncommon for modern men to be anxious and worried about the sexual intercourse they are about to have or about their life in general. This mental blockage makes men believe that the penis sensitivity is decreased although everything is fine. Finally, another common reason is the inadequate and rough handling of the penis. Rubbing the penis on unsuitable surface, having forceful sex without foreplay/proper lubrication are some of the practices that can lead to damage in the tissue and reduced penis sensitivity.

In order to solve this problem, try to use a shower gel and soap that is milder. When it comes to underwear, wear soft, clean underwear for prevention. Finally, don’t forget to be properly lubricated before penetration. Extend the foreplay and wait until the vagina and penis are lubricated or use some cream for this purpose. In the end, don’t forget to maintain hard erection then only you can improve your sexual performance in bed.