sex machine

sex machine

Monday, July 26, 2010

How to be a sex machine

Ever saw the slogan of BMW? The ultimate driving machine. Here we are sharing about becoming a sex machine. I'm sure that many of you have watch those sex machine in the porn, those guys with big penis and able to fuck like a sex machine, making love for an hour. So how they did it? Well I can tell you that most of the porn star can fuck for an hour just because of the editor, they can always continue if the guy orgasm and ejaculate. What they do is just cut the ejaculation part and continue in another angle.

If you want to be a sex machine, look for a pretty girl friend! Sure you will feel high when you see your pretty girl friend in you favourite kind of lingerie. Sure you will see the trailer of Salt if you have been to the cinema lately. Saw Angelina Jolie in the trailer? Admiring her long legs and big tits? This is the kind of hot girl friend that you need. Imagine Angelina Jolie is teasing you now, how can you not become a sex machine, you can fuck her again and again without stop, your penis won't even want to stop for a rest. No idea how Angelina Jolie is looking like when she is nude? Search online now, she have been nude in a few movies, wonder she will ever do it again to show us her nude body.

Those love making scene is excited, it can help you maintain hard erection when you are looking at it. Well, while you are making love with hotties like Angelina Jolie, don't forget to think about Susan Boyle. Your cock maybe hard as rock when you are making love with pretty girl, but you may ejaculate fast as well, thinking of nude fat lady may distract you thus may lengthen your love making time. But don't take too long until you lost the energy and mood for sex.

There are a lot of little trick that you may use to help you lasting longer in bed:
1. Change position before you are going to ejaculate, but don't change it too often.
2. Hold your penis to reduce the urge, hug and kiss her during that hold then continue again after 30 seconds or a minute depend on your own preference.
3. Get her on top, this will help you to lower your sensitivity and this will help you to last longer.

These are some little tricks that I share, and there are a lot more, just check in our blog here.