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sex machine

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Male Sex Drive

A man’s sex drive is usually in his head. There are two areas in the brain that are critical to a man’s sex drive and performance, these are the limbic system and the cerebral cortex.

The two areas play a significant role to an extent that a man is capable of attaining an orgasm simply by dreaming or thinking of a pleasurable sexual experience.

The Cerebral Cortex is the brain’s outer layer grey matter. It’s the part of the human brain that is charged with the following higher functions:


Sex fall squarely in the thought bracket and after a man gets aroused, the signals originating, from the cerebral cortex region hasten both blood flow and heart rate to the genitals. The brain cerebral cortex region initiates the process that generates an erection.

The limbic system is a segment of the cerebral cortex. It covers the following areas;

The above components are involved with sex drive, motivation and emotion. Emory University-based researchers discovered that viewing sexually arousing images magnifies the activity in men’s amygdalae region.

The same experiment discovered that males were more aroused by the pictures more than females. 

Sex Drive in Male Adults

When we become adults, testosterone cease to boost male sexual organ growth. Testosterone now handles maintaining a sex drive. Unfortunately for men, when we reach the age of 18 years, our testosterone levels start diminishing although it is unnoticeable.

Mayo Clinic reports that by the time a man hits 30 years, testosterone levels begin dropping by 1%. Some men lose their ability to maintain hard erection and result to soft erection treatment options.

In recent years, there has surfaced numerous discussions about sexual peak. However, sexual peak has not yet been measured in a consistent manner. Testosterone levels pick up in men during our late teens and as testosterone declines we take longer to achieve an erection.

As testosterone levels dip, the longer it takes a man to maintain hard erection once more after ejaculating.

To counter these effects, it’s important that we check our diet, get a regular physical check-up. Also, men are advised to curb their cigarette and alcohol and drugs consumption.

To treat Erectile Dysfunction that have their roots from low testosterone, medical practitioners advise older men to use enhancements once in a while. Soft erection treatment once consumed by an older adult will help him perform better in bed.