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sex machine

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Treatment for Sexual Problems

Maintain an erection during sex is a true male dilemma. This is one question for which most of the men are looking for an answer. However, with little change, practice and perseverance, a truly firm erection can be achieved. We ensure that the methods described here are based on real life experiences and industry knowledge of sexual consultants. Read through the article to find gems of information to solve your sexual problems forever.

 1. Eat Watermelon seeds
This is one trick known to be used by many porn actors. The watermelon seed is rich in Citrulline which, after ingested and metabolized, the blood arrives as nitric oxide. This is an important component in maintain hard erection, it is what relaxes the smooth muscle in the penis and provides the corpora cavernosa to fill with blood, thus leading to erection. In health food stores, you can buy roasted seeds. Prefer non-salty to avoid sodium intake in the body. How much you need to eat a day? 30 grams is enough, or two tablespoons. Another option is tea made with water 500ml or so juice, beating the pulp and the seeds in a blender, but without adding water or sugar.

2. Anesthetic Ointment
Once the penis to be erect, place a minimum amount of EMLA cream (found at any drugstore and cost about 30 dollars) on the foreskin of the penis, enough to cover the tip of a cotton swab. Do not cover the entire glans, not to let the totally insensitive penis. The intention is to decrease the sensitivity in the erogenous point of the penis.

3. Whiskey Doses if done well
Whiskey is an excellent peripheral vasodilator, thus allowing your penis to fill with blood and, as alcohol is quickly absorbs and blocks certain neurotransmitters in the nervous system. It greatly decreases the sensitivity in the extremities. That is, men take much longer to ejaculate during sex. An important note: fermented beverages such as beer, wine and champagne usually has the opposite effect, leaving the more flaccid penis than usual. In addition, whiskey two doses are enough. The whole bottle causes you powerlessness over the years.

4 Eat right
Look for lower fat intake, so there is no compromise on the blood vessels. The external pudendal artery, which takes blood from the heart straight to the penis, is so thin that it is the first artery in the body to become blocked. As the blood flow to the penis will shrink, the erection will be compromised. Men who have experienced situations reported signs of impotency two years before the stroke. So, understand, where there is excess fat there is no health. If impotency is coming, it is worth to diet and exercise. And for best performance, sex comes before dinner, after taking food your blood will be concentrated in digestion, especially if the food is heavy.

5. Change pace and frequency
During intercourse, if you keep the same momentum, the session will end fast. We need to change the pace and movement to decrease the excitement of the penis. The more frantic and consecutive are your movements; greater are the chances of you ejaculating quickly. Learn insinuating penetration in different ways, involving not only the usual movements, but also circular movements, not deep penetration. So when you think you're close to coming, control your anxiety, slow down and change the sex position. This may be a good time to perform oral sex on your partner, for example.

6. Deep breathing
About 5 seconds before ejaculating, tilt your head up and breathe deeply. The lungs fill with air and the pubis retracts, compressing the muscles around the base of the penis. The abdomen must remain retracted for about 5 seconds or more while the lungs remains filled with air. Breathing should slowly return to normal, while there is an exchange of motion and depth of penetration to shallower and slower movements. A warning here is not to get to the exact last second before using this technique because it can happen the ejaculatory process begin chemically in the brain and be physically blocked in the penis region. Therefore, if you wait till the very last second, the chemical process of ejaculation will already start in your brain and it will then be impossible for you to hold on to your ejaculation.

7. Erotic thoughts
The brain is the body's largest sex organ. It is in charge of sending the command to the heart to pump blood to the penis. This is the exact reason why imaging sex scenes cause erection in men. An obscene thought in your brain can lead to early ejaculation. Use this information to your advantage. When you are close to an orgasm, change your thinking by images in the brain. This will take some practice before you become perfect. Once you feel that the penis is losing its erection capacity, resume sexual thought. Another tactic to prevent ejaculation is close your eyes, because the shape of the woman's body increases your libido, thus speeding up the orgasmic process.

8. Exercise to stop premature ejaculation
Start masturbation and when you feel that will ejaculate stop, slow down your breath, calm thinking and wait till your feeling of ejaculation subside. Resume masturbation again, stop often as you about to ejaculate. Practice this exercise continuously for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Do it 3-4 times a week at least. The purpose of this exercise is to educate and teach you to control anxiety at the time of pre-orgasm, so you learn to identify and stop the ejaculation process.