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sex machine

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Is it possible to maintain a healthy relationship without sex?

The fact is that there is only a small number of relationships and marriages that are completely perfect and in which everything is idyllic including the sex life. There are many couples today that are facing different problems when it comes to sexual life. They also experience inconsistency in the quality of relationships, resentment about the frequency of sexual activity, lack of mutual understanding about their wishes and desires, stressful and busy lifestyle, tension, nervousness etc. These are all problems that can seriously affect sexual life and even lead to complete sexual activity.
In case one of the partners loses will, desire and need for any form of sexual activity due to some dissatisfaction or burdened by some problems while the other partners continues to have sexual appetites, then problems become inevitable.

It is very difficult and almost impossible to imagine life without sexual intercourses because besides the strong emotional connection it is also very important to have a physical or sexual intimacy too. But, does this mean that the concept of sex in marriages and long relationships should be related to love? We could say that this is an individual approach. Some people rarely have sexual activities, but partners show their love to each other in other ways. Some of these ways include: expressing kind and sincere words, understanding, attention etc. The truth is that these couples are very rare.
The vast majority of couples believe that love and sex simply cannot work without each other, so if there is no sex involved in a relationship they start panicking and start accusing their partners of many things including lack of love. 

In any case, a relationship without sexual activity is unlikely to work. The partner who is involuntarily deprived of sexual attention will start feeling undesired, neglected, unattractive and will often blame themselves and think that they are not attractive anymore despite the fact that in most cases the reason for this sexual inactivity doesn’t have anything to do with these things.
Therefore, in the case of rare or completely non-existing sexual relationships, it is crucial and essential to have open conversations between the partners. The partner who has lost the will and desire for sex for some reason should sincerely express their reasons, no matter how unpleasant or difficult they might be because this is the only way to solve this problem. If the other person in this relationship is honest and loves their partner they will surely understand and they will try to solve this problem together.

If sexual desire is missing due to problems, stress, numerous obligations, it would be desirable for the partners to overcome this difficult situation together and try to reduce the impact of these things on their sex life as much as possible. In fact, the ideal solution would be to try to revive the passion in bed because passions bring only good relaxation and elimination of stress.

We can certainly conclude that sexual activity is an essential part of any relationship and that relationships without sex can have equally negative effects for both partners.