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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Do You Know Your Erogenous Zones

Usually we think that we know all the sensitive spots on our bodies, but clitoris and nipples aren't the only ones. So, do you really know all of them? With this article you can learn what are your erogenous zones and what should your partner make with each one of them.

- Clitoris:
 Of course it should be in the top of this list, this is definitely the most sensitive part of the body, when stimulated carefully you can experience a lot of sensations. It has approximately 8,000 nerve endings, so experts recommend to start with feather-light touches, and later gradually increase the stimulation; you can even use sex toys

- Inner Thighs and Vagina:
 Inner thighs zones are really sensitive to the touch, until the back of the knees, this is because they also have a lot of nerve endings. Experts recommend to touch this part of the body softly, soft breaths, or using the tongue. When massages are performed at thighs during oral sex the genitals blood-flow increases, which increases the sensations. 

- Mouth and lips:
These are very erogenous zone. When they are carefully stimulated with the fingers or the partner’s lips, the sensations can increase highly. When the lips are deep red, it is a signal of excitement. Likewise, lips a mouth stimulation promotes the release of hormones that make the brain to feel good.

- Nipples:
Scientific studies have shown that nipple stimulation is captured by the brain in the same area of clitoris and vagina, and it promotes the reach of oxytocin. But they are very sensitive, so should be gently stimulated with the fingers and the tongue. Experts say that clitoral vibrators can also be used in this area.

- Neck and Throat:
 These parts of the body can really trigger the desire, in can be stimulated with kisses in the front while the fingers are in the back of the neck and the shoulders.

- Ears:
When they are stimulated with the fingers, the tongue, or breath a lot of senses can wake up. Most people only like the external sexual stimulation (on the contour with C form), and kisses or massages on the earlobe. Likewise, the sounds are a great way to stimulate them, a low moan or a sultry whisper in the right moment may surprise you.

-Inner wrists:
Very few lovers know this secret spot. We recommend you to try these spots. Gently massage inner wrists of your partner or kiss this area.

-Elbow kissing:
Kiss the delicate inner curves of the elbow and watch her shiver with delight. It is much more intimate than it appears. You should try this during foreplay and see the magic.

-Scalp massage:
Move your fingers slowly through hair and start massaging the scalp. This will make her body to release amount of endorphins which will boost her sexual desire.

Knee Massage:
Knee is also an erogenous zone. Massage the area behind her knee with your fingers or kissing this area will also help.

You have learned some interesting information, haven't you?