sex machine

sex machine

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Prioritize Intimate Times

There are times that men find it difficult to maintain a hard erection. Well, as unfortunate as this is, there are events that lead to this point. Work related issues, lifestyle, stress and just simply falling out of love. These and many more are reasons why men fail to perform.

We all know one thing, however, failing to perform in the bedroom is the most embarrassing thing any man can encounter. Hence why we need to make sure that such a thing never happens. The question is, how do we ensure it doesn’t happen?

Fortunately, we have a solution. A simple but effective solution that will get you out of the sticky mess you are in, a solution that is better than any soft erection treatment

What is it?

Simple, prioritizing intimate time: Yes, by ensuring that you delete intimacy from the low activity list you will start having long, satisfying sexual encounters. Remember, intimacy is a critical element of any successful sexual relationship.

Unlike most animals, playfulness procreation sex is the minimal expression of our sexuality. It’s a fact that in every couple’s lifetime, they will engage in sexual activity for fun, more than they do for procreation.

When you value intercourse as your adult playtime and start thinking of ways to have fun while, at it, you will begin enjoying. Before, during and after, make sure you giggle or laugh, play around with one another, tease each other and most of all ensure that you please one another.

Pleasure Sex

Intimacy, sexual adventure is all about pleasure and not necessarily orgasms. To ensure that you are enjoying yourself and your partner is also having a wild time, focus your energy on giving pleasure as opposed to receiving pleasure.

Remove yourself from reaching orgasm goal and instead focus on achieving a total experience of both emotional and physical pleasure.

The Art of Pampering

Did you know, that you are more in the mood of having lengthy sexual pleasure when you are feeling right? Making sure that the two of you are upbeat about lovemaking is one way of activating the energy to enjoy sexual activity.

Remember, good sex takes time, you need to concentrate and put in some effort. These are ingredients that you need prime up if you want to deliver as well as receive absolute sexual pleasure. To play the part, you need to take time out for you.

Start by eradicating any stress, you may be suffering, involve yourself in body training activities, start taking part in activities that make you feel sexy and sensual about yourself. If you want to lose some weight to enhance your confidence, by all means create time to work out.

Find out how best you can create a connection with your partner. Better sex is all about quality connection. See to it that you are all reading from the same book inside and outside the bedroom.