sex machine

sex machine

Friday, June 25, 2010

Heart and Sex

Obviously we are going to talk about sex and heart in this topic, well how did all these started? It went back few days while I was in the office. I was talking to a client of mine that day and suddenly he told me that I have gain some weight after some these few months. I'm kinda frustrated with this as I have been taking care about the food I eat everyday and make sure it's not too oily or fat. Although I don't exercise often but on and off I will go to jog or hiking to burn some fat, but looks like it's not working at all. At the most important thing is that I use the stair instead of lift everyday, it's not working as well. And I have share this with my client, and he told me one thing, walk the stair is useless as you are walking it slowly, you have to walk fast and make your heart beat faster. It's like a hit on my head, hey, why didn't I realised it after I have do it for such a long time? It does make sense right? It's like walking alone is not going to burn much calories and also not working the body enough to strengthen the muscle. You have to jog, slow run to make your heart beat and it will pump your heart and lung as well, then only your blood will run around the body and burn calories at the same time.

I have read an article showing that slow run at a single speed is not so effective as running in a few speed. For example, you run 10km/hour for 1 hour may burn 500 calories, but if you mix it up with 2 session of 15km/hour for 5minutes, the calories will burn up 600++ at the same time, it's 20% increase. Now you know, you can exercise smarter as well. What is this going to do with Sex machine? Don't you know that stronger heart equals to better sex? Work hard now and you can have better sex as well.

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