sex machine

sex machine

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Top 5 male sex fantasies

The essence of male sexual fantasies lies in the fact that they remove the borders and allow the man to imagine situations that occur rarely or never in real life.

This allows the male to explore the depths of their sexual desire to experiment with his mind.

Oral sex
Oral sex is often the most desired fantasy of the men wrote "Sunday World". Among the longings of the stronger sex is not only fellatio, oral satisfaction of men but 69 posture in which the partners mutually sexual pleasure.
This is the perfect way to break the routine in bed and to revive the passion and sexual desire in a long relationship. Women know very well that men love oral sex. So give it and will not be disappointed, and efforts will be recompensed.

Swedish threesome
In one or another stage of life everyone has dreamed about a threesome with another two sexy girls and some dream of this life. Often women involved in the sex act are lesbians who indulge in caresses each other in front of your partner.

Surprisingly, the top three of the most longed for sexual fantasy is infidelity. Having sex with someone else behind your spouse can be an exciting experience because it is inaccessible and forbidden pleasure. Infidelity is often a sign of dissatisfaction in sexual relations. Happy and faithful man is always satisfied in bed, if you do not get what he needs at home, it will look elsewhere.

Male is obsessed with breasts and literally wants to make love to them, rub them, to be devoured by them until it reaches the peak of pleasure. Ladies, this is a fantasy, easy to implement. Experiment with different positions until you find the most pleasant for you.

Dominant woman
Another male fantasy of men dominating women. Older women generally have more experience and more wild in bed. Strong sex often yearns for a woman who will rip his clothes, will take the initiative and transform it into her sex toy.

This article is meant for sex machine's girl friend. I guess the best foreplay is mind, if you are good at this you can make sex life so much exciting and more fun. Spice up your sex life and you will have a wonderful life.