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Monday, May 18, 2015

The Tantric Therapy in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions

There are a number of dysfunctions that plague men and women at different stages of intercourse. Lack of desire, arousal of disability, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, pain during intercourse, anorgasmia are just some of the evils that arise before, during or after sex. Although, some of these disorders actually have physiological origins, which lack surgical or pharmacological interventions, most of them are the result of traumatic experiences. In such cases, the most common is to recommend a treatment via psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. Continue reading this article and find out more about the Tantric therapy to help alleviate the problem of sexual dysfunction.

Tantric therapy
What few people know is that there are other ways, called alternative therapies that can help a lot in treating these disorders. The Tantric therapy is one of them. Through dynamic meditations, massages, experiences and other practices derived from Tantra, this form of therapy has proven very effective in dealing with such cases.

The mind and sex
There is something that helps most of these disorders to manifest; given the lack of education we have about human sexuality, we ended up transferring responsibility from the sexual centre of our body to our mind. Even during sex, we are caught imagining, fantasizing about sex, so that we are disassociated from the present moment. This influence of the mind in the process makes room for insecurities, fears and consequently the dysfunctions that come up.

And that's how the efficiency of Tantra treatments is justified. With their practices, meditation, massage and other resources, Tantra helps eliminate the influence of the mind, making the least thought of sex and more sense. We all have a chakra - energy centre - located at the base of the column that is our true sexual centre, but for lack of information and a wrong conditioning, it ends up being replaced by the mind. 

Once we do to reconnect with the energy of this chakra, which relearned to feel it, the body takes the energy driving this responsibility, leaving the quiet mind to contemplate the relationship with consciousness and awareness even more sharp. And in developing this process, various concepts and paradigms that had rooted in the head begin to fall apart. The breastplates that repress us, catching our bodies begin to dissolve and everything is more fluid. Thus, the confidence increases, the fear goes away and you can experience another level of sexual intercourse.

Deprogram concepts
The Tantric therapy helps to deprogram all these concepts that our mind imposes to our body. That touch that caused discomfort or shame that we have before own nakedness, all this will, little by little crumble while you delve into such practices. Thus, it is possible to know a new form of pleasure that does not depend of our mental stimulation, but that integrates our entire body. And the best about this treatment: no contraindications or side effect.