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sex machine

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Simple and Fast Ways To Maintain Hard Erection

To ensure that you have a long lasting erection; start by figuring out why your penis does not fully erect. Natural and science backed facts claim that sex is a healthy body by-product. If you fail to take care of your health, you risk ruining your sex life!
A partial erection can result from various causes. Some of the major causes include:
                    Medical conditions
                    Poor eating habits
                    Lack of exercise
                    Excessive drinking
                    Smoking and drug use
See to it that you go for check-ups from a urologist to ascertain that there is nothing medical that stands in your way to good health.

Psychosomatic Problems

Psychological problems including performance anxiety and insecurity significantly affect erections. Should such feelings become part of your sexual routine; you are better off discussing their origins with a therapist.
A therapist will assist you to get to the bottom of these issues. Within good time, you will be able to get rid of the demons that haunt you. The more therapy sessions you attend, the higher the chances of regaining your hard on erection and improve sexual performance. 

Soft Erection Treatment

As far as soft erection treatment is concerned; there is no magic pill that will help create the perfect erection for every man. The blue pill is an option for men with incomplete erections. The incompleteness results from reduced blood flow in the genital region.
If you take away reduced blood flow and still suffer from incomplete erections as a reason of any factors above; Viagra may not be the best option for you. It’s time you went on the pharmaceutical drugs and settled on herbal medicine.

Try herbs such as ginkgo and ginseng; they are known as herbal products that enhance arousal and stimulates sexual desire. That said, however; seek medical guidance from your doctor before you start any herbal regimen.
Extensive research is still underway to ascertain the herbal medicine claims. But we believe that so long as the herbs don’t interfere negatively with any prescription medication you are taking; they can be a helpful addition.

In Conclusion

Before signing off; we would like to remind you that your penis size and firmness are not the determining factor in sexually satisfying your partner. To make her enjoy the coitus session; indulge her in oral and manual stimulation.

Again; make love to her using positions that allow you to have maximum thrusting potential. Woman on top and doggy style are two maximum thrust positions you should give precedence to. So long as you can address your partner’s sexual needs and desires, she will be more than satisfied.