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sex machine

Friday, February 13, 2015

How to use condoms in the right way

Condoms have become the most popular and most widely used mechanical product designed for birth control and for stopping sexually transmitted diseases. Although condoms are intended for men and their use, when we really think about it, women use them in an indirect way too and they use it for the same reason. Learn more about sex helps you to have improve sexual performance. A condom can even reduce sensitivity of your penis and helps you last longer during sexual intercourse.

That’s why the proper use of condoms is not just a male thing that doesn’t concern women. In fact, they are equally concerned and they should also learn how their partner can use condoms in the right way. If the basic function of a condom fails, both men and women have a problem. Unfortunately, there are many men and women who despite the very clear and obvious instructions do not know how to use them properly and don’t realize or don’t want to admit that their proper use can literally mean life or death in some situations (perfect health or disease).

According to the latest surveys, many people are making a fatal mistake when using a condom during sexual intercourses. For example, they put the condom too late or don’t use the condom during the entire process and penetration or they use it in the wrong way.

Many governmental researches have confirmed that in case condoms are used in the right way and consistently, the chance for their basic function to fail are less than 2%. But, when the people who use condoms don’t use them properly this percentage is increased to about 15%. The official study of the World Health organization that was conducted in more than 10 countries have confirmed that although people for years believed that condoms are not very reliable because they can break easily, the fact is that the main cause for their functional failure is the fact that people use them in the wrong way.

The following is a shortlist of some of the most common mistakes:
  • -          Putting a condom on the wrong side
  • -          Inappropriate use of lubricants
  • -          Using the condom only in some parts of the sexual intercourse
  • -          Improper application of the condom (not leaving enough empty space on the top of the condom or leaving air on top of condoms)
  • -          Improper pulling out of the penis after ejaculation

Using the condom in the wrong way can lead to falling, rupturing, leakage and it is most likely to occur when the condom is used during sexual intercourse or when it is removed right after ejaculation. So, how to use a condom in the right way and stop premature ejaculation?

First and foremost, use a condom whenever you are involved in oral, vaginal or anal sexual intercourse from the beginning to the end. Before any genital contact, put a condom on the erected penis by rolling it from the top to the root of the penis. The top of the condoms must be free of air and empty. Make sure to unroll the condom in the same way. After ejaculation, before the penis becomes softer, take it by the edges and carefully pull it together with the penis. Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it in the trash.